Anonymous Revenge Gift – Send Shit to Enemies & Friends

Amusing or Strong Renge Gift in fine Wrappings

Anonymous Revenge Gift - Send Shit to Enemies & Friends

Send Shit – Get even !

This year again some disagreable individuals will have crossed your way. Time to think about a reward.
Also friends may have deserved a gift because they took you in or upset you. They also need a sign of your disappoval. As they are friends, they will understand and change their conduct.

In the end all misdeeds have to punished – that´s clear. Without revenge no peace at heart.
There´s the ex, who ditched you, your boss who treated you in an unfair manner, your landlord who dared increase your rent, your lousy, noisy neighbours and other pests. You name it, it´s endless.

A good solution is to send a revenge gift. It may be small and nice, even in a charming bow or come along as an impressive and shocking load of horse nuggets, commonly known as shit.
To send shit to someone who hurt you will not only punish your enemies but free your mind. And this is surely better than to walk about with stomach ache and ugly pimples because of your grievances.
There are nice wrappings and sizes for all occasions and to give everybody their dues. The latest creation is a cow pat in a lucky beetle.
Now go ahead and send shit to your enemies and friends, powerful or amusing for a good laugh.

Anonymity: All orders are strictly confidential. There is no indication of you, the customer, nor us, the sender. Packages only show a sticker with your victim´s address.
Payment: It is easy, you may pay through Papal for example, or make a transferral.
So to send shit is absolutely discrete, anonymous and safe.

Here you go:

Manufactuer of various revenge gifts suiting both your enemies and friends. Last not least a social service for psycho-hygienic welfare.

Send Shit
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