Natural psoriasis treatment – easy and effective

Treat the psoriasis with the natural remedy – the brine silt from the salt lake Sivash and take care of the skin with the mild sea bath salt.

Natural psoriasis treatment - easy and effective

Psoriasis natural treatment

The brine silt from the western part of the salt lake Sivash helped a psoriatic to get his psoriasis under control. He let scientifically investigated it and made it public. Now it also helps many other psoriasitics worldwide.

Vladimir Vigovskij became acquainted with the healing effects of the brine silt from the lake Sivash in 2003. Besides the strong psoriasis, he also had other health problems: constant strong headache, extreme fluctuating blood pressure, chronic prostatitis and pancreatitis. After a few days of treatment with silt and brine at the salt lake, he felt a considerable relief. He took the silt home, continued the treatments and achieved a great success. He developed for himself a procedure, which helped him, through the natural treatments at home to reduce his psoriasis first, and later to achieve a permanent remission.

Fascinated by the distinct curative qualities of the healing mud, he let the peloid scientifically and medically investigate. Even the specialists were surprised by the capabilities of the brine silt. Meanwhile, the medical device is available through the pharmacies, and several spa houses as well as clinics with a medical mud department switched to the use of this peloid.

But how it all began, you can see in this video:

What makes the brine silt so special that it helps so well in psoriasis and other very different diseases? The exact mode of action of the silt is not completely investigated. But it is already clear, that the special composition makes the peloid truly unique. The silt is formed under the pink, rich in beta-carotene brine and is consequently itself rich in salt and beta-carotene. The components of the silt include magnesium, bromine and sulphur. Furthermore, the silt contains an organic amount. The professor Lukanov from Bulgaria proved, that the peloids with the organic amount preserve the healing effects of the plants, from which they originated. There are elements in the peloid from the lake Sivash, which are hormone- and cortisone-like. In the course of a clinical study, the scientists identified the biological activity of the healing silt, which manifests itself in the improvement of the liver condition and the detoxification of the body. In addition, they write that the peloid therapy has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immunmodulating effect.

Here is described how this unique natural remedy is used against psoriasis:

For the additional skin care the natural sea bath salt from the Crimea fits very well, since this is particularly mild and is better tolerated by people with sensitive skin than other bath salts.

Company ALNOVA imports and distributes natural wellness and health products in the EU based on the unique peloid from the salt lake Sivash. This is a salt-, magnesium- and sulphide-containing sea silt.
The peloid works very well with chronic diseases of the bones, joints and spine as well as with skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis and acne. The sea silt is distributed under the name SIVASH-healing sea mud. In addition to the healing sea mud itself, there are a number of body care products on a healing sea mud basis. Besides, the special pink sea salt also belongs to the company’s product range. Both the sea silt and the salt are formed under the pink brine, which is rich in the microalgae Dunaliella Salina with high beta-carotene content. This fact makes the SIVASH-healing sea mud and sea salt particularly valuable and unique.

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