New patenting furnace saves ten percent on energy

Resource-saving wire production: New measuring technique enables control of furnace atmosphere.

New patenting furnace saves ten percent on energy

Patenting furnace – side view

At Wire 2014, Wire Körner will exhibit the new series of directly heated patenting furnaces fitted with automatic furnace atmosphere control and burner with heat recuperation. With these new energy-saving furnaces, Wire Körner further expands its range of efficient and eco-friendly heat treatment plants for wire. Based on his good experience with the furnace, a German customer has already ordered an extension to the existing unit.

The first unit of this new furnace generation has been in operation for two years. Designed for a throughput of 2,000 t per hour, it processes wire in diameters from 1.5 to 5.5 mm. The plant expansion is expected to be commissioned in April 2014.

By implementing a wide array of innovative features, Wire Körner has increased the efficiency of patenting furnaces for wire and achieved savings on energy consumption of some eight to ten percent compared to conventional furnaces. The very first furnace of this new generation has already been in production for more than two years.

With an innovative sensor, Wire Körner has for the first time realized a system for controlling the furnace atmosphere. Via the furnace control system the air/combustion gas ratio is exactly set within a specified range. The high control precision and stability of the gas/air ratio makes the new furnaces superior to Pre Mix systems. In addition to the savings on energy, controlling the air/gas ratio keeps NOx emissions low and prevents decarburization of the wire. The furnace temperature is adjusted with a precision of +/- 2 °C.

A central recuperator installed in the waste gas duct preheats the combustion air for the high-speed burners to 200 – 250 °C, while reducing the waste gas temperature at the stack from 600 °C to 400 – 500 °C. Already in the preheating zone Wire Körner exploits the thermal energy of the waste gas to heat up the wire entering the furnace. This reduces the energy demand for preheating.

In contrast to previously used burners, the high-speed burners employed by Wire Körner can be adjusted in several steps. This ensures that the burners consume exactly the amount of energy they need, not more.
Wire Körner has brought down heat losses via the furnace wall by optimizing the layout of the wall, among others by means of insulating ceramic fibers. An additional coating ensures a long service life of the furnace wall even under conditions of high CO contents and high flow velocities. An additional, 2.5-cm-thick Microtherm® insulating layer behind the refractory brick lining brings down heat losses even further.

The furnace is directly heated. The heat is transferred into the wire by convection, at flow velocities of up to 120 m/s. This provides much better energy efficiency than heating by radiation.

Wire Körner at Wire 2014 in Düsseldorf, April 7 to 10, 2014:
Hall 9, booth F 51
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About Wire Körner

Wire Körner GmbH designs and manufactures plant and equipment for the complete process chain of wire and narrow strip heat treatment, from the drawn wire through to the finished end product. The range of heat treatment plants comprises bell-type, chamber and channel furnaces for patenting, annealing, galvanizing, hardening, tempering and chemical treatments. The company provides design, engineering, manufacture, erection, commissioning and after sales service. Wire Körner maintains a worldwide network of branches and licensees.

Wire Körner’s numerous quality and efficiency-enhancing innovations regularly attract the industry“s attention. For example, the recently developed wire patenting furnace with an innovative atmosphere control system achieves substantial energy savings, or the recuperative immersion burner for ceramic galvanizing furnaces has been designed for very long service lives, just to mention a few examples.

Wire Körner is a company of the Körner Group, which was established in 1928. Thus the company builds on more than 80 years of experience in industrial furnace technology and auxiliary equipment. Within the group, Zink Körner GmbH specializes in plants for piece galvanizing. TVT Kordt GmbH develops plants for thermal process technology, with a focus on industrial furnaces for the heat treatment of steels, special steels and non-ferrous metals.

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