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INGENERIC expands production capacities

Manufacturer of micro-optics set for further growth

INGENERIC expands production capacities

Dr. Stefan Hambuecker (left) and Dr. Olaf Ruebenach, the managing directors of INGENERIC

On May 30, INGENERIC laid the foundation stone for their new company building in Baesweiler, Germany. The new building is the company“s response to the constantly increasing volume of orders from customers all over the world. The building, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019, will provide space for all of the approx. 80 employees with reserves for further expansion.

INGENERIC has been based in the Technology Centre AGIT in Aachen since its foundation in 2001, and in 2015 they already outsourced some capacities to Baesweiler, about 20 km away. Growth over the years is such that the company now requires its own building. The move away from the Technologiezentrum is a logical step.

The new production hall in the immediate vicinity of a former colliery covers a gross area of around 2,700 m². The hall will provide around 800 m² of clean room space for the production and finishing of optical elements along with the assembly of optical modules and laser systems. There is also around 600 m² for air-conditioned processing space for ultra-precision manufacturing, where temperatures are partially controlled to within +/-0.5° C. The attached office building for development, sales and administration will offer more than 1,000 m² gross floor space.

With a good 10,000 m² of space, the site offers the potential for further expansion.

Dr. Olaf Ruebenach, co-founder and one of the two managing directors of INGENERIC, sees clear advantages at the Baesweiler site in the Aachen technology region: „The new building and its infrastructure exactly meet our requirements for the efficient production of ultra-precision optics. Not only will we have enough space for the current production volume, we can also continue to expand. Micro-optics is one of the major pace-setting technologies of the 21st century, and we expect significant growth rates.“

Planning and construction of the building are being carried out in cooperation with TRUMPF GmbH Co. KG which, as the parent company of INGENERIC, is also the builder-owner. The building should be ready for occupancy by the end of 2019.


Founded in 2001 in the university-city of Aachen, Germany, INGENERIC GmbH develops and manufactures high-precision micro-optic components for high-power applications, along with optical and laser systems including fiber couplers, homogenizers and collimation modules for science, medicine and measurement technology.

Today, INGENERIC is one of the few manufacturers in Europe to develop and manufacture glass micro-optics for beam shaping in semiconductor diode lasers according to the individual specifications of its international customers. The company handles the entire process chain from the lens design and the development of prototypes through to the small-batch production and serial manufacture.

INGENERIC also produces high-power laser systems. For the HiLASE or XFEL project, for example, INGENERIC supplied a number of high-energy lasers delivering 10 pulses per second with an energy of 250 Joules, an average power output of 2.5 kW, and an extremely homogeneous top-hat beam profile with an amplitude contrast of less than 7%.

Background: Precision in detail

One of several fields of application is the production of microlens arrays with structures typically in the sub-millimeter range; their dimensional accuracy is sub-micrometer at less than 250 nm. This makes it possible to produce arrays with high filling factors and to make the best possible use of the optically effective surface area: INGENERIC reliably implements transition zones of less than 10 μm. The benefit to the user: Optimal beam shaping and high-efficiency transmission and coupling.

High-precision molding maintains an offset between the upper and lower sides of the array of less than 5 μm. Pitch accuracy is also very high: INGENERIC reproduces the separation between the individual lens center points with an accuracy of better than 2 μm over a length of 25 mm, so there is no accumulation of errors across the width of the array.

For some micro-optics-particularly the two-sided structures-the exact adherence to the central thickness is vitally important, since they have a telescopic effect and the slightest deviations lead to aberrations. INGENERIC achieves accuracies close to +/-6 μm here.

Compared to conventional methods like quartz etching, INGENERIC achieves a relative radius tolerance better than 0.2 percent, which in serial production is precisely reproducible from wafer to wafer.


The high-technology company TRUMPF offers production solutions in the machine tool and laser sectors. It drives digital connectivity in manufacturing industries through consulting activities, platform and software offerings. TRUMPF is a technology and market leader in machine tools for flexible sheet metal processing and industrial lasers.

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Premiere at TUBE/WIRE: Inline geometry measurements pay off quickly, also for production lines with low throughput

Measuring systems for wire rolling and drawing

Premiere at TUBE/WIRE:  Inline geometry measurements pay off quickly, also for production lines with low throughput

CONTOUR CHECK WIRE systems are available with several measuring axes for contour measurements.

At TUBE/WIRE 2018, LAP is going to introduce its new optical measuring system CONTOUR CHECK WIRE. This high-precision system is particularly suitable for inline geometry measurements in production lines with low production volumes. It enables wire producers to comply exactly with the tolerances specified by their customers, while optimizing material use.

In wire rolling mills and wire drawing shops, multi-axes LAP systems have long become established for diameter and contour measurements. In these applications, the systems are often exposed to extremely harsh operating conditions.

LAP has developed a new product line, CONTOUR CHECK WIRE, for geometry measurements in process stages with less challenging ambient conditions.

In many forming stages, one-axis inline measurements of the diameter of the cold wire already help to achieve significant improvements in the quality of the finished product and in the efficiency of production.

Being a moderate investment and an easy-to-use system, CONTOUR CHECK WIRE is a highly attractive option for factories with lower throughputs. The systems measure the diameter and ovality with exactly the same precision as the systems of LAP“s proven CONTOUR CHECK family, yet are smaller and, apart from power, need no other media supply.

CONTOUR CHECK WIRE systems are designed for inline measurements of wire with diameters between 0.5 and 30 mm. They measure with a precision of +/- 8 µm. If operated at temperatures not exceeding 40 °C, they do not require any cooling.

The compactness of the hardware allows the sensor units to be easily integrated into existing lines or used as mobile units at several positions within a factory. Like all LAP systems, they are designed for harsh steel mill environments. They are made to reliably operate under the conditions typically found in rolling mills, they come with a sturdy housing and are ready to use in virtually no time.

For Dr. Ralph Föhr, head of LAP“s Business Unit „Industry Systems“, it was very important to develop a system that could be sold at an affordable price: „Customers using the new CONTOUR CHECK WIRE system can save between 50,000 to 200,000 euros on material and production costs yearly. As the systems cost much less than the amounts saved, the return on investment occurs very fast, especially in factories operating several lines.“

The measured values are displayed both numerically and graphically on the touch screen of the Panel PC that comes with the system. Integration into the factory infrastructure is possible via optional interfaces.

Background information: The CONTOUR CHECK family

The new systems are based on LAP“s CONTOUR CHECK family of products which measure diameters and contours of long products in the metals industry, for example, of wire, bars, sections and tubes. Depending on the complexity of a product, they may measure the contour in several axes, either with METIS laser scanners or with the light-sectioning method.

During the last 25 years, LAP has installed more than 300 laser-optical contour measuring systems at customers in the steel industry.

LAP at TUBE/WIRE 2018:
Düsseldorf, Germany, 16 – 20 April 2018
Halle 7a/ Stand E16

About LAP

Since 1984 LAP has supplied laser-based systems for high-precision measurements of geometric dimensions, such as width, thickness, length, diameter and flatness, in industrial production. LAP systems excel at providing ultra-precise measurement results under harshest operating conditions. Hundreds of LAP systems are tried and tested every day in steel and rolling mills worldwide.

Among the customers of the company, which today employs more than 300 people, are leading steel makers such as Baosteel, Posco, ThyssenKrupp Steel and Vallourec.

The LAP staff support the company“s worldwide customer base from the headquarters in Lüneburg/Germany and through an international network of branches and technical agencies.

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