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iDTRONIC“s Handheld Computer: C4 Red – World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality

Our reliable Android 7.0 handheld reader, C4 Red, is now available with a LEGIC function.
The C4 Red reader is the first Android 7.0 reader with LEGIC functionality. We are proud to be the first supplier worldwide.

iDTRONIC"s Handheld Computer: C4 Red - World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality

(c) by iDTRONIC GmbH

Simplify your access control with the new LEGIC C4 Red handheld reader from iDTRONIC Professional RFID.


The new LEGIC function reads transponders and tags in the RFID 13.56 MHz frequency. The LEGIC function was specially developed for applications within access control systems. LEGIC solutions are characterized by security, flexibility, and simplicity. LEGIC technology reduces time to market for ID and IoT applications.

The C4 Red uses the LEGIC SM-4200 chipset, with LEGIC Advant and LEGIC Prime. The LEGIC „read“ function supports a variety of chip types: MIFARE family (Classic, Mini, DESFireEV1, Plus S/X, Pro X, Smart MX, Ultralight, Ultralight C), Infineon SLE, NTAG21x, and more.

Our subsidiary Smart TAG offers a wide range of LEGIC transponders:
Further Information: https://idtronic-smarttag.de/en/products/


The reader is standard equipped with the latest Android 7.0 operating system. It supports the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system: „Android for Work“ and all other Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) systems.


The handheld reader is equipped with a Quad A53 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. Work processes require high performance, so the 2 GB memory reader is ideal for your operational needs. Large data volumes of up to 32 GB can be stored on a MicroSD card.


The C4 Red is equipped with the latest 4G LTE technology and supports communication capabilities: WLAN, WWAN, WPAN, GPS & Bluetooth.


Access control systems are everywhere these days. Public events, sporting events, trade fairs, and almost any other event use this technology.

The C4 Red with LEGIC can immensely increase the efficiency of access control systems.

In areas where unique personal identification is required, reliable and powerful RFID devices are required.

The C4 Red LEGIC is suitable for large events where crowd traffic is spread over a long period of time. Trade fairs may particularly benefit from this mobile reader.

The identification of trade fair visitors and exhibitors based on the trade fair pass can be easily determined using the powerful LEGIC scanner.

Thanks to its IP65 protection class, the device can withstand extreme conditions during outdoor use, in front of exhibition halls, without any problems. Temperature fluctuations from -20 °C to +50 °C do not affect the C4 Red LEGIC“s functionality.

The range of communication interfaces and possibilities of this handheld reader is large. The device can quickly and securely send the scanned data of trade fair visitors to the trade fair platform via WLAN or 4G LTE during operation. This ensures accurate statistics and visitor tracking during the trade fair. This also contributes to a higher trade fair success and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Workflow is facilitated using these mobile handhelds.
Increased efficiency and transparency create new ways of handling visitors at trade fairs and other events.

A user-friendly software development kit (SDK) and configuration tool, for Windows
operating systems, are provided as well as an operating-system-independent command protocol.
Further adjustments to the firmware and hardware are possible on request and project basis.

You can find further information about our presented device on our homepage:

iDTRONIC Professional RFID, a leading manufacturer on the AutoID market, develops, manufactures and sells high end RFID products. RFID devices from iDTRONIC guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving items.

We offer RFID hardware for all common standards and frequencies including, LF125kHz, HF13.56MHz and UHF865 – 928 MHz.

Our product portfolio fits perfectly the needs of system integrators.

iDTRONIC Professional RFID offers:
Industrial-grade RFID readers, writers and gates
RFID antennas for stationary, mobile and embedded readers
Handheld computers and data collectors with integrated RFID
Embedded RFID modules and readers
RFID desktop readers and writers
Special RFID tags
Thanks to a strong technical team for development and support we are able to develop and offer high-end RFID products which guarantee to our customers:

Innovative design
High performance
Reliable quality
Fast time-to-market
Excellent value
Located in Ludwigshafen, Germany and close to Frankfurt International Airport we are easily accessible for our international customers.

Patrick Kochendörfer
Donnersbergweg 1
67059 Ludwigshafen
Phone: 0621
Fax: 6690094-21
E-Mail: pk@idtronic.de
Url: https://www.en.idtronic-rfid.com

Maria Mahler
Donnersbergweg 1
67059 Ludwigshafen
Phone: 0621
Fax: 6690094-11
E-Mail: mm@idtronic.de
Url: https://www.en.idtronic-rfid.com


Raising Power will present Asset Coaster for efficient system operation

Technical operations manager of PV systems at Booth 271 in Hall B2 during Intersolar Europe 2018

Raising Power will present Asset Coaster for efficient system operation

At booth B2.271 Raising Power GmbH presents its product portfolio at Intersolar 2018. (Bildquelle: Raising Power GmbH)

Augsburg, June 18, 2018. – Raising Power GmbH has been restructured: As a white-label provider for technical operations management of photovoltaic systems, the Augsburg-based company offers tailored solutions for technical operations managers as well as EPC and Q&M companies. At booth 271 in hall B2 of Intersolar 2018, Raising Power will demonstrate how it makes sure its services are both secure and efficient. The newly developed software tool Asset Coaster will be the main attraction at the booth.

Asset Coaster: fast workflow, short reaction times
With Asset Coaster, Raising Power has developed a unique solution which is unique within the industry and is setting standards in terms of efficient, cost-saving operation management: The new software displays the entire process related to a PV system and enables operation managers to systematically and much more efficiently complete all scheduled tasks thanks to automated processes. Asset Coaster supports synchronization with the existing monitoring system of a PV system and can be closely linked to the ERP system. Service technicians will profit from the new tool thanks to easy bid preparation and immediate authorization. Based on a pre-defined process, they work down the list of tasks that are part of an order and document their activities. The reports are sent automatically to system operators and operations managers which means the latter do not have to initiate each process separately. As a white label, Raising Power provides individual reports based on the appropriate corporate design for every user.

Legally compliant: qualified service staff in use
In accordance with legal requirements, Raising Power uses only qualified service staff to handle disruptions, perform regular inspections and do the maintenance and repair of PV systems. In southern Germany, the company uses its own service technicians. Experienced external service staff is employed in the rest of Germany. All technicians have the expertise they need and meet basic requirements. Raising Power is listed in the Skilled Trades Register, has DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification and is included in the Register of Electricians. „With Raising Power acting as their partner, EPC and O&M companies can limit their risks without having to hire their own professional staff and investing in new equipment,“ said Michele Rascher and Dirk Stahf, the Managing Directors of Raising Power „In addition to the lower liability risk, professional execution and regular maintenance prevent yield losses. As a result, our work pays off twice.“

Technical operations managers as well as EPCs and O&Ms can contract Raising Power“s services based on their individual need – from individual service modules like monitoring or the Asset Coaster to the complete execution of technical operation management.

Visit Raising Power at booth B2.271 at Intersolar Europe in Munich from June 20-22, 2018.

Raising Power is a technical operations manager for photovoltaic systems. As a white-label provider, the Augsburg-based company offers solutions for technical operations managers as well as EPC and O&M companies – from individual services like monitoring, maintenance and repairs to the complete performance of technical operations management. The international company has more than 1,500 systems under contract around the world. It also specializes in the repowering of existing systems. Raising Power GmbH is a member of the SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited Group. Further information: www.raising-power.com

Raising Power GmbH
Michèle Rascher
Gögginger Str. 93
86199 Augsburg
+49 821 268416-00
+49 821 268416-99

epr-elsaesser public relations
Andrea Schneider
Maximilianstraße 50
86150 Augsburg
0821-4508 7918


ARTS auf der AIX Hamburg und ILA Berlin 2018

ARTS auf der AIX Hamburg und ILA Berlin 2018

Messestand von ARTS auf der ILA 2016

Im April 2018 stehen gleich zwei große Messen auf der Agenda der Luft- und Raumfahrtbranche. Die Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg vom 10.-12. April sowie die Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA) in Berlin vom 25.-29. April 2018. Auf beiden Messen rückt ARTS seine innovativen Services der Ingenieurs- und Fertigungsdienstleistungen speziell für die Luft- und Raumfahrt näher in den Fokus.

Auf der AIX präsentiert sich ARTS auf dem Hanse Aersopace Pavilion in Halle B6, dem Gemeinschaftsstand des Verbandes Hanse-Aerospace e.V. „Wir freuen uns, den Fachbesuchern unsere Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew (MAMC) zu präsentieren.“, so Heike Ostendörfer, Niederlassungsleiterin in Hamburg. Die MAMC führt bei internationalen Wartungsunternehmen und Fluggesellschaften Projekte in den Bereichen Avionics, Systems und Airframe durch, beispielsweise die A380 Door Modification. „Unsere Tool Management Services sparen unseren Kunden rund 20% Prozesskosten. Von unseren aktuellen Projekten in diesem Bereich werden ARTS Experten auf der AIX berichten.“, so Heike Ostendörfer weiter.

Die Aircraft Interiors Expo ist mit mehr als 550 Ausstellern die europäische Messe für Innovationen im Bereich Kabineninnenraum für die Luftfahrt, In-Flight-Entertainment und Passagierdienste. Sie bietet eine Plattform, sich mit internationalen Lieferanten aus der Luftfahrt zu vernetzen und Trends in der Flugzeuginnenausstattung kennenzulernen. In diesem Jahr werden über 18.000 Fachbesucher erwartet.

Auf der ILA ist ARTS als Experte für Ingenieur- und Fertigungsdienstleistungen, Technologieberatung und HR Services gleich in 2 Hallen mit jeweils unterschiedlicher Ausrichtung vertreten.
Im Rahmen des BDLI-Gemeinschaftsstandes in Halle 2 präsentiert ARTS sein Serviceportfolio für Ingenieur- und Fertigungsdienstleistungen und insbesondere aktuelle Projekte in den Bereichen Tool Management Services und MRO. Weltweit unterstützt der Branchenexperte Hersteller, Zulieferer und MRO-Betriebe der Luft- und Raumfahrtbranche, um ihre Fertigungs- und Produktionsprozesse zu optimieren. Im ILA Career Center informiert ARTS an seinem Stand über die vielfältigen Karrierewege, die Luftfahrtinteressierte gemeinsam mit ARTS einschlagen können.

Unter dem Motto „Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace“ möchte die ILA auch 2018 technische Neuheiten im Bereich der Luft- und Raumfahrt erlebbar machen. Mehr als 1.000 Aussteller aus 37 Nationen präsentieren sich in 7 Hallen und erwarten mehr als 150.000 Besucher.

ARTS ist Experte für Ingenieur- und Fertigungsdienstleistungen, Ingenieurberatung und HR Services. High-Tech-Unternehmen erhalten weltweit durch unsere schlüsselfertigen individuellen Lösungen, optimierten Prozessen und erfahrenen Spezialisten einen Wettbewerbsvorsprung, der Ihnen nachhaltigen Erfolg garantiert. An 6 Niederlassungen und über 25 Projektstandorten arbeiten täglich mehr als 500 technische und kaufmännische Mitarbeiter daran, die Visionen unserer Kunden zu realisieren. ARTS verhilft Unternehmen aus den Branchen Fahrzeugbau, Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie, Maschinenbau & produzierender Industrie, IT & Kommunikationstechnik sowie Sicherheit & Verteidigung mit Expertise zu einem Vorsprung und macht sie schneller, besser und leistungsfähiger.

ARTS Holding SE
Claudia Hönisch
Hermann-Reichelt-Str. 3
01109 Dresden


ARTS at AIX Hamburg and the 2018 ILA Berlin Airshow

ARTS at AIX Hamburg and the 2018 ILA Berlin Airshow

April 2018 marks the appearance of two major aviation and space exhibitions in the calendar. The
Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) takes place in Hamburg from 10 April to 12 April, while the ILA Berlin Airshow will be held from 25 April to 29 April 2018. ARTS will be featuring its innovative engineering and manufacturing services, specifically tailored to the aerospace and aviation industries at both exhibitions.

At AIX, ARTS will be exhibiting in Hall B6 of the Hanse Aerospace Pavilion as part of a shared stand through the Hanse-Aerospace e.V. Association. „We are looking forward to presenting our Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew (MAMC) to visitors from the industry,“ said Heike Ostendörfer, Head of ARTS“ Hamburg operations. The MAMC delivers Avionics, Systems and Airframe projects for international maintenance providers and airlines, such as the A380 Door Modification. „Our Tool Management Services enable our customers to achieve savings of around 20% on their process costs. ARTS“ experts will be reporting on our current projects in this area at AIX,“ she added.

With over 550 exhibitors, the Aircraft Interiors Expo is the leading European event for innovations in the fields of aircraft interiors, in-flight entertainment, and passenger services, providing a platform that enables visitors to network with international aviation suppliers while experiencing and learning more about new trends in the world of aircraft interiors. A total of 18,000 industry visitors are expected to attend this year“s event.

At the ILA Berlin Air Show, ARTS will have a presence in two halls, each with different focuses, reflecting the company“s status as an expert in Industrial Engineering, Technology Consulting and HR Services. As part of the shared stand organised in Hall 2 by the BDLI, the German Aerospace Industries Association, ARTS will be presenting its engineering and manufacturing service portfolio, with a particular focus on current projects in the field of Tool Management Services and MRO. The company“s industry experts support manufacturers, suppliers and MRO businesses in the aviation and space industries worldwide, enabling them to optimise their manufacturing and production processes. Meanwhile, at its stand in the ILA Career Center, ARTS will be providing information about the multiplicity of career paths that candidates with an interest in the aviation industry can pursue with ARTS.

With the theme of „Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace,“ the 2018 ILA Berlin Air Show aims to provide an opportunity to experience technical innovations in the aviation and space sectors. More than 1,000 exhibitors from 37 countries will be exhibiting in seven halls, with over 150,000 visitors expected to attend.

ARTS is an expert for industrial engineering, engineering consulting and HR services. High-tech businesses across the globe improve their competitiveness thanks to our turnkey solutions, optimised processes and experienced specialists, helping them to achieve enduring success. At our six locations and over 25 project sites, more than 500 technical and business specialists work to turn our customers“ visions into reality. ARTS supports businesses in the automotive, railway, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing sectors as well as the IT and communications technology, security and defence fields by providing them with expertise to give them a competitive edge, making them faster, quicker, and more capable.

ARTS Holding SE
Claudia Hönisch
Hermann-Reichelt-Str 3
01109 Dresden
Phone: +49351795808280
E-Mail: claudia.hoenisch@arts.aero
Url: http://www.arts.aero


IT Maintenance-Aufwand und Lizenzkosten bremsen Digitalisierung

Hoher Verwaltungsaufwand für Infrastruktur und Kerndatenbanken lassen zu wenig Budget für digitale IT-Innovationen. Unternehmen wollen daher Datenbank-Kosten aktiv senken.

IT Maintenance-Aufwand und Lizenzkosten bremsen Digitalisierung

„Komplexe DB-Lizenzmodelle ärgern Anwender“, sagt TmaxSoft DACH-Geschäftsführer Thomas Hellweg. (Bildquelle: @ TmaxSoft)

München, 07.12.2017 – Die Ausgaben für Betrieb, Wartung und Pflege von Hardware und Software nehmen in 2017 rund 47,3% der IT-Budgets von Unternehmen ein. Mit 24,4 % auf Platz zwei der größten Kostentreiber liegen Updates, Aktualisierungen und Erweiterungen. Für die Evaluierung (8,0%) und Umsetzung (13,5%) von Innovationen geschweige denn die Bildung von Finanzpuffern für unvorhergesehene Projekte (6,8%) bleiben gemäß einer Capgemini-Studie lediglich etwas mehr als 28% des IT-Investitionsvolumens übrig. Ein großer Teil des IT-Budgets fließe laut Capgemini CIO Uwe Dumslaff allein in die Aufrechterhaltung des Tagesgeschäfts, während der Rest für (digitale) IT-Innovationen nicht ausreiche.

Diese Prognose von Anfang 2017 bestätigte sich im weiteren Verlauf des Jahres insbesondere im Bereich der Legacy-Kerndatenbanken: Der hohe Maintenance-Aufwand sowie vor allem die rigide Lizensierungspolitik einiger führender Hersteller waren für viele Unternehmensanwender erneut ein großes Ärgernis.

Zu einem ähnlichen Bild kommt eine Untersuchung von IDG Research Services in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Enterprise Applications-Anbieter TmaxSoft und IBM, die im Dezember letzten Jahres die Datenbankmanagement-Strategien großer und mittelständischer Unternehmen in Nordamerika unter die Lupe nahm.

Demnach versuchen rund 87% der rund 120 befragten IT-Entscheider aktiv, mithilfe unterschiedlicher Ansätze, wie zum Beispiel einer Modernisierung der IT-Infrastruktur mit Hardware-Upgrades, ihre Datenbank-Verwaltungskosten zu senken. Mehr als ein Drittel (35%) evaluiert oder implementiert bereits Alternativen zu gängigen Unternehmensdatenbanken wie Oracle und Microsoft SQL Server.

Für Thomas Hellweg, Vice President und DACH-Geschäftsführer von TmaxSoft, bestätigt sich dieses Szenario in aktuellen Kundengesprächen in der DACH-Region. Auch hierzulande bindet das Management von Kerndatenbanken die verfügbaren Ressourcen für digitale IT-Projekte in zu hohem Maße. Aus seiner Sicht sind komplexe Lizenzmodelle, komplizierte Preisstrukturen und die Aufrechterhaltung von Legacy-Technologie nicht nur eine Zeit- und Geldverschwendung, sondern auch kontraproduktiv im Hinblick auf die notwendige Modernisierung von Datenbanken für den Aufbau virtueller, Cloud-basierter Rechenzentren.

„Die permanente Vorbereitung auf Software-Audits, Zahlungsleistungen für nicht genutzte Infrastruktur aufgrund einschränkender Lizenzvereinbarungen oder die zeitaufwändige Integration von Datenbanken bremsen die Innovationskraft der IT erheblich aus. Es ist daher nicht überraschend, dass jeder dritte IT-Entscheider nach neuen Optionen im Bereich der Unternehmensdatenbanken sucht“, kommentiert Hellweg die Quintessenz der Umfrageergebnisse.

Mit seinem relationalen Datenbankmanagementsystem (RDBMS) „Tibero“ sieht sich TmaxSoft in der Rolle des Herausforderers arrivierter Hersteller. Installiert auf einem Linux-basierten IBM Power 8 System erreicht das Tibero RDBMS, das mit über 90 Prozent die höchste Oracle-Kompatibilität im Markt bietet, eine bis zu vier Mal bessere Performance zu einem Sechstel der Kosten im Vergleich zu einer Oracle Installation auf Intel Linux.

Thomas Hellweg sieht die Marktchancen der TmaxSoft-Datenbanklösung positiv: „Wir bieten Unternehmen eine hoch performante und gleichzeitig wirtschaftliche Datenbank-Alternative: Tibero für IBM Linux on Power ist eine Cloud-fähige „All-in-One“-Lösung für hohe Workloads. Die hohe Zuverlässigkeit sowie nicht zuletzt ein flexibles, transparentes Lizenzmodell reduzieren die Betriebs- und Wartungskosten nachhaltig und ermöglichen jederzeit eine bedarfsgerechte Erweiterung zu fairen Konditionen.“

TmaxSoft ist ein globaler Software-Innovator mit Fokus auf Cloud-, Infrastruktur- und Legacy-Modernisierung. TmaxSoft entwickelt Lösungen, die CIOs tragfähige Alternativen zur Unterstützung ihrer globalen IT-Infrastruktur bieten und damit Wettbewerbsvorteile für Unternehmen sichern. Tibero ist eine der leistungsstärksten Unternehmens-RDBMS für das Virtual Data Center. Die Legacy-Rehosting-Lösung OpenFrame ermöglicht die Migration aller Anwendungen, Ressourcen und Daten von Mainframe-Systemen auf ein kostengünstigeres, hochleistungsfähiges Open- oder Cloud-System bei minimalem Migrationsrisiko und effektiver TCO-Reduzierung. Als weltweit erster Web Application Server mit J2EE 1.4, JAVA EE 5 und JAVA EE 6 Zertifizierung bietet JEUS verbesserte Sicherheit gegenüber traditionellen Web Application Servern. TmaxSoft wurde 1997 in Südkorea gegründet und beschäftigt heute über 1.000 Mitarbeiter in 20 Strategiezentren weltweit. Der Hauptsitz des Unternehmens befindet sich in Chicago.
Weitere Informationen: www.tmaxsoft.com

Thomas Hellweg
Maximilianstraße 25
80539 München
+49 176 72162197

GlobalCom PR Network
Jürgen Wollenschneider
Münchner Straße 14
85748 Garching


Usability, Flexibilität und Systemoffenheit sind entscheidend bei einer Instandhaltungssoftware!

Instandhaltung 4.0 mit innovativer Instandhaltungssoftware

Seit geraumer Zeit evaluieren wir die Anforderungen unserer Kunden, Partner und Interessenten, und somit auch die Erwartungen an einer Instandhaltungs- Asset Management-Software. Dabei haben sich drei entscheidende Faktoren herauskristallisiert: Usability, Flexibilität und Systemoffenheit, die sowohl direkt als auch indirekt den Return on Investment (ROI) verbessern. Die Industrie fordert ergonomische Software-Lösungen, die sich an die Bedürfnisse der Anwender anpassen und nicht vice versa. In der Instandhaltungsbranche, wie auch in vielen anderen Sektoren, bieten Softwarehersteller in erster Linie Lösungen an. Der Terminus Lösung wird in diesem Zusammenhang verwendet, da man optimaler Weise mit der zu implementierenden Software eine durchaus schwierige Aufgabe bewältigen möchte. Leider, wie so oft bei solchen allgemeingültigen Plattitüden, ist es in der Praxis oft der Fall, dass eine InstandhaltungssoftwareMehrarbeit verursacht und keinerlei Akzeptanz bei den Mitarbeitern findet. Einerseits haben wir den Mitarbeiter am Shopfloor, der als Instandhalter Aufträge annimmt, an Aufträgen arbeitet, diverse Rückmeldungen erstellt und dies so schnell und einfach wie möglich erledigen möchte. Auf der anderen Seite steht der Instandhaltungsleiter, Instandhaltungsplaner oder Abteilungsleiter, der eine optimale Planung und Verwaltung der ihm zur Verfügung stehenden Ressourcen möchte. Nachträglich soll derjenige auch aussagekräftige Kennzahlen wie Anlageneffizienz oder die allseits bekannte Overall Equipment Effectivity (OEE) erhalten. Da wir derzeit in einer digitalen Ära leben, bei der die „Millennials“ bereits komplett im Arbeitsmarkt integriert sind, sollte man gewisse Standards beibehalten, die sich über die Jahre etabliert haben. Um den Schulungsaufwand einer Instandhaltungssoftware zu minimieren, ist es das Ziel, eine einfache Bedienung zu gewährleisten, die sich an die etablierten Standards von Windows oder macOS anlehnt. Hierzu gehören ergänzende Funktionen wie die Nutzung der Softwarelösung mit allen Standard-Browsern (Edge, Chrome, Firefox oder Safari), eine freie Konfiguration des Dashboards oder Desktops samt KPIs, selbstdefinierbare Icons und Look&Feel, die Konfiguration mittels Drag&Drop oder eine Multidesktop-Funktion innerhalb des Web-Browsers, um nur einige der unzähligen relevanten Kriterien zu nennen.
Zusätzlich möchte der Industrie-Anwender aber eine flexible Lösung haben. Jedes Unternehmen oder Produktionsstätte hat unterschiedliche Arbeitsprozesse, die man im Idealfall mit der angebotenen Software repräsentieren möchte. Ob es eine komplexe Anlagenstruktur auf n-Ebenen oder ein ganz spezieller Workflow bei der Auftragsbearbeitung von ungeplanten oder wiederkehrenden Instandhaltungsmaßnahmen ist, das Wichtige ist dabei, dass eine ausreichende Flexibilität angeboten wird, um alle Eventualitäten darstellen zu können. Hierbei spricht man über das Customizing einer Unternehmensanwendung und im gleichem Atemzug sollte man auch über die dazugehörigen Kosten sprechen. Das Customizing ist neben den Softwarelizenzen eine wichtige Einnahmequelle für Software-Anbieter, jedoch vertreten wir die Meinung bei INTEC, dass die Aufwendungen für das Customizing und die Anpassungen nicht mehr als 10% des Umsatzvolumens der Softwarelizenzen übersteigen sollte. Darüber hinaus sollte ein fairer Softwareanbieter auch die Möglichkeit offerieren, dass der Kunde selbst eigene Layouts und Customizing-Modifikationen übernehmen kann, ohne dass teure Manntage für Berater und Programmierer berechnet werden müssen. Dies alles ist mit dem disruptiven Web Development Framework WebRDF und der Instandhaltungssoftware XMaintain von INTEC möglich, da wir das Customizing komplett von der Programmierung abkoppeln und lediglich Datenbankkenntnisse notwendig sind, um Systemanpassungen vorzunehmen.
Zu guter Letzt gibt es ein Kriterium, welches in der Industrie derzeit lauthals gefordert wird: Eine neu zu akquirierende Software und Unternehmensapplikation muss Systemoffen sein. Dies bedeutet, dass die Software-Lösung eine offene Architektur vorweist, die Anbindungen an Drittsysteme oder im Unternehmen bereits vorhandene Systeme ermöglicht. Somit sollten Programmierschnittstellen für jedes Modul existieren oder zumindest leicht zu realisieren sein. Die meisten Unternehmen nutzen unterschiedliche Betriebsdatenerfassungssysteme oder MES-Systeme sowie SAP und diverse ERP-Systeme wie Navision oder Infor, die in den Bereichen Beschaffung oder Controlling führend sind. Um für eine optimale Kommunikation zwischen all diesen Lösungen zu sorgen, sind sowohl Cloud-basierte als auch Client-Server Solutions in der Pflicht, die neusten API-Technologien (WEBSERVICES) anzubieten. Nicht nur die Kommunikation zu anderen Systemen ist ausschlaggebend, sondern auch die Unterstützung unterschiedlicher Datenbank-Lösungen. Hierbei sollte ein innovatives System sowohl mit den kostenpflichtigen Datenbank-Varianten von Oracle und MS-SQL als auch mit kostenfreien Alternativen wie PostgreSQL, die insbesondere für SMEs von Interesse sein können, einwandfrei funktionieren. Jedoch erübrigt sich diese Frage, wenn die Wahl des Hostings in einem externen Rechenzentrum des Softwareanbieters getroffen wird oder wenn das Modell SaaS (Software as a Service) gewählt wird. Bei diesen Modellen, die ebenfalls von INTEC angeboten werden, ist der Auftragnehmer derjenige, der die Verantwortung für Datenbank-Lizenzen, Betrieb und Datenbank-Performance übernimmt.
INTEC Digital Solutions und unser CMMS XMaintain werden tagtäglich von unseren Kunden und Interessenten mit den oben genannten Anforderungen konfrontiert. Im Zuge dessen liefern wir mit unseren disruptiven Softwarelösungen genau das, was der Markt fordert und arbeiten eng mit unseren Kunden zusammen, um Weiterentwicklungen vorzunehmen, die klare Anwendungsbereiche in der Praxis branchenübergreifender Produktionsstätten finden.

INTEC Digital Solutions aus München-Ismaning entwickelt Standard- und Individualsoftwarelösungen für KMU und Konzerne wie Daimler, Emsland, frischli, Hörmann Automotive, Kraus Maffei Wegmann (KMW), Kodak, Mercedes Benz, MAN und Südfleisch. Mittels Web Application Development Framework (WebRDF) realisiert INTEC jegliche Migration von Softwaresystemen auf neueste Technologie. Mit plattform-unabhängigen, web-basierten Lösungen heißt INTEC Sie willkommen am Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft!

INTEC Digital Solutions
Semir Begic
Münchener Strasse 58 58
85737 Ismaning
089 950 802 0

INTEC Digital Solutions GmbH
Semir Begic
Münchener Strasse 58
85737 Ismaning
+49 (0)89 950 8020



The new generation of Trowal continuous shot blast machines is in operation

A Mexican manufacturer of automotive aluminum die-cast components now operates five continuous shot blast systems from Walther Trowal.

The new generation of Trowal continuous shot blast machines is in operation

The new THM troughed belt continuous shot blast machine equipped with turbines with curved throwing.

Walther Trowal has recently commissioned a THM troughed belt continuous shot blast machine for a customer in Mexico that is equipped with a brand new generation of blast turbines. These turbines were specifically designed for shot blasting of aluminum components. With a considerably higher blast media throwing speed the new turbines produce significantly shorter cycle times than the predecessor models.

The Mexican customer already operates very successfully four continuous Trowal shot blast machines. Because of their excellent performance he chose to purchase another THM machine, when he had to expand his production capacity.

Up-and-coming: Aluminum, the gentle blast media

The increasing sales trend at Walther Trowal indicates that ever more customers are switching to aluminum media when shot blasting aluminum components. Because of its lower bulk density aluminum media is a lot gentler than, for example, stainless steel shot. Typical automotive forgings made from aluminum are, for example, steering knuckles or swivel bearings. Aluminum die-castings processed in THM shot blast machines can be all kinds of housings, covers or levers.

Because of its lower density the impact energy of aluminum media on the work pieces is considerably lower compared to other blast media. To offset this limitation Walther Trowal developed turbines with curved throwing blades, which generate a significantly higher blast media throwing speed than straight blades. This, combined with the fact that in THM machines the turbines are located very close to the work pieces, and the media throughput is considerably higher, results in optimized energy utilization and surprisingly short cycle times. However, the shot blast treatment remains very gentle. In short, despite the relatively low density of aluminum blast media, the shot blast process is highly effective and at the same time surprisingly gentle preventing any warping or distortions of delicate work pieces.

Another benefit of aluminum blast media is that it reduces the wear rate in the turbines and the machine to a fraction of the wear caused by steel shot, resulting in higher uptimes and lower operating costs.

Walther Trowal offers a range of different machine sizes equipped with up to four turbines. For example, for forged aluminum components the new THM 700/4/E with 4 turbines and a power of 15 kW for each turbine, produces an exceptionally high degree of productivity.

Specifically designed for handling aluminum media

To meet all the challenges posed by aluminum shot the Trowal engineers redesigned many machine assemblies, among them the media dosing system and the turbines. One detail of many: A rough surface of the throwing blades would quickly destroy the aluminum particles. Therefore, Walther Trowal is smoothing the blade surface with in-house vibratory finishing equipment. The result: A greatly reduced blast media consumption, lower dust emissions and significantly improved turbine uptimes.

Gentle work piece transport

THM troughed belt continuous shot blast machines are equally well suited for treating mass-produced bulk parts or large, delicate components. Especially with delicate, somewhat fragile work pieces the THM concept offers significant advantages: In these systems the work pieces are evenly distributed through the entire machine length. This results in a very gentle transport and prevents intensive part-on-part collisions. And the fact that the transport rods are covered with a relatively soft PU further cushions the already gentle tumbling action. This is particularly important for fragile components with thin walls, allowing them to be discharged from the machine without any nicking or other damage.

No problem with older THM systems!

When developing the new turbines Walther Trowal also took into consideration the many older machines still in operation: Any THM customer who wants to take advantage of the new turbines can easily install them in his existing machine(s). This allows the customers to increase the efficiency of their shot blast operation with minimal costs.
For THM systems still requiring steel or stainless steel blast media, Walther Trowal supplies the new turbines with the curved throwing blades made from tool steel also offering significantly higher turbine uptimes.

Facts about Walther Trowal

For 85 years Walther Trowal has been a pioneer and market leader in various surface treatment technologies. The company offers modular and custom engineered solutions for a wide range of surface treatment problems.

Initially only making vibratory finishing equipment, over the years Walther Trowal has continuously broadened its product range and today offers a wide portfolio of equipment and services for improving all kinds of surfaces, e.g. mass finishing, part cleaning, shot blasting and drying of a wide spectrum of work pieces, last but not least, the coating of mass produced small parts.

Walther Trowal offers not only various types of equipment but complete surface treatment systems: By linking the various equipment modules and automating the complete process, we are able to precisely adapt our process technologies to the technical requirements of our customers. This also includes various types of peripheral equipment and process water cleaning and recycling systems. Of course, we also offer comprehensive pre- and after-sale service like sample processing in one of our demonstration labs and global repair and maintenance service.

Walther Trowal serves many customers in many industries around the world. For example, in the automotive and aerospace industry, medical engineering and wind power generation.

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Online Condition Monitoring for Single Aggregates with VIBGUARD® compact

Online Condition Monitoring for Single Aggregates with VIBGUARD® compact

VIBGUARD® compact – Intelligent Online Condition Monitoring

ISMANING, August, 22nd 2016 – PRUFTECHNIK expands its intelligent Online Condition Monitoring portfolio with VIBGUARD® compact. As intelligent online CMS, the new VIBGUARD® compact offers premium asset manufacturers of drivetrains and machines as well as their operators the same performance as its big brother VIBGUARD®.

While VIBGUARD® features 20 measuring channels, VIBGUARD® compact offers 6 measuring channels for continuous monitoring of fast and highly dynamic processes. The system can be easily integrated into the process control environment of the customer using the bidirectional Modbus interface. With focus on rotating equipment, VIBGUARD® compact delivers continuous and detailed condition overviews of all relevant machine components in nearly real time.

The six analogue channels of VIBGUARD® compact were especially developed for single aggregate monitoring and measure data in parallel and synchronously for continuous acquisition. All six measuring channels are designed as highly dynamic analog input channels and can be configured with either ICP® vibration sensors or voltage input signals for process parameters.

In combination with speed and additional asset information from the PLC, VIBGUARD® compact ensures reliable monitoring – even with frequently changing operating conditions. It can thus protect against unplanned downtimes, secure production, and sustainably increase the efficiency of the single aggregate.

„The intelligent event recorder of the VIBGUARD® compact, which captures, saves, and interprets large amounts of data makes the advantages of Industry 4.0 available to customers in online condition monitoring and single aggregate diagnostics,“ says Michael Stolze, Product Management Manager, explaining a major customer benefit.

More Information about VIBGUARD® compact (http://www.pruftechnik.com/products/condition-monitoring-systems/online-condition-monitoring-systems/vibguard-compact.html)

The PRUFTECHNIK group, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide, is continuing to set new standards with innovative technical developments in the sectors of machine laser alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing to maximize and optimize machine and plant availability and to secure product quality.

Anne-France Carter
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Anne-France Carter
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ROTALIGN touch features the latest Live Trend capability

ROTALIGN touch features the latest Live Trend capability

ISMANING – August 16, 2016 – The revolutionary ROTALIGN touch, the cloud-based shaft alignment system that combines precision measurement with mobile connectivity, has taken another leap forward. Adding new capabilities like the Live Trend functionality, vibration spot checks and intelligent uncoupled measurement modes, the ROTALIGN touch now truly does it all.

ROTALIGN touch with Live Trend takes the guesswork out of the offline to running machine condition. Using ROTALIGN touch, users can monitor and measure the thermal expansion and operation-induced movement. Technicians are able to analyze the collected data identifying appropriate preset target values that will ensure accurate shaft alignment when the machine is in operating condition.

With its vibration check capability, the ROTALIGN touch uses sensALIGN to measure overall vibration providing users with information about machine conditions during operation. And there“s more. To check alignment conditions when machine shafts are disconnected, the ROTALIGN touch also features intelligent uncoupled measurement modes. The ROTALIGN touch computer includes a new measurement table to display and log the alignment process from start to finish. Last but not least, the ROTALIGN touch onboard camera allows machine images to be easily included in the system generated PDF reports.

The intelligent measurement capabilities and mobile connectivity features of the ROTALIGN touch paired with the ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY CENTER 4.0 software produce a valuable data stream that details all aspects of machine alignment condition.

With its new features, such as Live Trend and vibration spot checks using sensALIGN, the ROTALIGN touch shaft alignment system is the cornerstone of any plant management and reliability program where precision meets connectivity.

The PRUFTECHNIK group, with subsidiaries and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide, is continuing to set new standards with innovative technical developments in the sectors of machine laser alignment, condition monitoring and nondestructive testing to maximize and optimize machine and plant availability and to secure product quality.

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Added Value through Maintenance

Schwarze-Robitec GmbH

Over the last years, the subject of maintenance has clearly gained significance. Not surprising, after all complexity and degree of automation are increasing continuously with modern processing machines. Forward-looking strategies reduce the risk of malfunction and down times, increase the service life of machines and thereby ensure constant production quality. The Tube Bending Machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec offers users a comprehensive service – from maintenance and inspection to repair and spare parts supply and all the way to modernization.

If a high-tech processing machine comes to a standstill as a result of a malfunction, it quickly gets expensive. In particular when customer production deadlines cannot be met as a result and if there are contractual penalties. That“s precisely why many companies rate maintenance no longer as tiresome costs instead as a central factor of success. The bending specialist Schwarze-Robitec meets this need of increased investment safety with a comprehensive service concept. After all, the company“s high-quality tube bending machines are designed for run times of more than 20 years in continuous operation. So that the machines operate reliably throughout their whole lifecycle, Jürgen Korte, Plant Manager at Schwarze-Robitec advises conducting a regular machine check-up which comprises maintenance, inspection and service measures. „A tube bending machine should be serviced at the latest approx. every 5,000 working hours,“ says Korte. „Otherwise the risk of undesirable surprises will rise exponentially.“ Checked are, among other things, the mechanical states and precise positioning of guides, bearings and spindles as well as cables, pumps, valve functions, switching devices and software. If it is a hydraulic system, there is also a check for tightness and leakage safety. Possible are also software updates, comprehensive weak point analyses, staff training and other customer-individual measures.

Experts“ know-how in demand
„As bending machines are always custom-built, maintenance should really be carried out by the manufacturer“ emphasizes Korte. „Generalized providers of industrial services often do not have profound experience in bending technology nor the necessary knowledge of the user industries and their manufacturing processes.“ Precisely this specialized know-how is indispensable – in particular when the machines have already been in operation for some years and need to be made fit for increased or changed demands. Schwarze-Robitec offers integrated process analyses as well as complete machine overhauls and modernizations, which substitute a new purchase in many cases. On that subject Plant Manager Korte: „Users should not make false economies, instead they should think about the optimal utilization of the service life of their machines and the options for optimizing the system availability.“

Info Box
Advantages at a glance
Reduced risk of malfunctions and failures
Utilization of the full machine capacity
Extended machine life cycle
Constant quality through consistent mechanical efficiency
Lower costs, e.g. less lubricant costs
Possibly reduced energy consumption
Possibly improved occupational and environmental protection
Possibly optimization of production runs (e.g. through installation of a new, faster control)

Schwarze-Robitec GmbH – the Company
The company, founded in 1903, is one of the leading international experts in the sector of tube bending machines. At its headquarters in Cologne, the specialist for automatic cold bending machines currently employs 130 staff. The company is represented worldwide via long-term partner enterprises. Schwarze-Robitec already manufactured the worlds first CNC-controlled tube bending machine back in 1977. To date, more than 2,400 machines have been sold – some of them have been used in production unrestrictedly for far more than 35 years. The Schwarze-Robitec product range includes, in addition to tube bending machines and bending tools, tube perforating machines, measuring stations, as well as solutions in the area of special machinery construction. The reference list of the tube bending expert includes, without exception, all renowned leading manufacturers from the automotive industry, energy sector as well as shipbuilding. Above and beyond that, the company solutions are employed in the aerospace sector as well as many other industries. Detailed information about Schwarze-Robitec can be found in the Internet at www.schwarze-robitec.com.

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