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iDTRONIC“s Handheld Computer: C4 Red – World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality

Our reliable Android 7.0 handheld reader, C4 Red, is now available with a LEGIC function.
The C4 Red reader is the first Android 7.0 reader with LEGIC functionality. We are proud to be the first supplier worldwide.

iDTRONIC"s Handheld Computer: C4 Red - World Innovation: First mobile Android 7.0 Reader with LEGIC Functionality

(c) by iDTRONIC GmbH

Simplify your access control with the new LEGIC C4 Red handheld reader from iDTRONIC Professional RFID.


The new LEGIC function reads transponders and tags in the RFID 13.56 MHz frequency. The LEGIC function was specially developed for applications within access control systems. LEGIC solutions are characterized by security, flexibility, and simplicity. LEGIC technology reduces time to market for ID and IoT applications.

The C4 Red uses the LEGIC SM-4200 chipset, with LEGIC Advant and LEGIC Prime. The LEGIC „read“ function supports a variety of chip types: MIFARE family (Classic, Mini, DESFireEV1, Plus S/X, Pro X, Smart MX, Ultralight, Ultralight C), Infineon SLE, NTAG21x, and more.

Our subsidiary Smart TAG offers a wide range of LEGIC transponders:
Further Information: https://idtronic-smarttag.de/en/products/


The reader is standard equipped with the latest Android 7.0 operating system. It supports the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system: „Android for Work“ and all other Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) systems.


The handheld reader is equipped with a Quad A53 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. Work processes require high performance, so the 2 GB memory reader is ideal for your operational needs. Large data volumes of up to 32 GB can be stored on a MicroSD card.


The C4 Red is equipped with the latest 4G LTE technology and supports communication capabilities: WLAN, WWAN, WPAN, GPS & Bluetooth.


Access control systems are everywhere these days. Public events, sporting events, trade fairs, and almost any other event use this technology.

The C4 Red with LEGIC can immensely increase the efficiency of access control systems.

In areas where unique personal identification is required, reliable and powerful RFID devices are required.

The C4 Red LEGIC is suitable for large events where crowd traffic is spread over a long period of time. Trade fairs may particularly benefit from this mobile reader.

The identification of trade fair visitors and exhibitors based on the trade fair pass can be easily determined using the powerful LEGIC scanner.

Thanks to its IP65 protection class, the device can withstand extreme conditions during outdoor use, in front of exhibition halls, without any problems. Temperature fluctuations from -20 °C to +50 °C do not affect the C4 Red LEGIC“s functionality.

The range of communication interfaces and possibilities of this handheld reader is large. The device can quickly and securely send the scanned data of trade fair visitors to the trade fair platform via WLAN or 4G LTE during operation. This ensures accurate statistics and visitor tracking during the trade fair. This also contributes to a higher trade fair success and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Workflow is facilitated using these mobile handhelds.
Increased efficiency and transparency create new ways of handling visitors at trade fairs and other events.

A user-friendly software development kit (SDK) and configuration tool, for Windows
operating systems, are provided as well as an operating-system-independent command protocol.
Further adjustments to the firmware and hardware are possible on request and project basis.

You can find further information about our presented device on our homepage:

iDTRONIC Professional RFID, a leading manufacturer on the AutoID market, develops, manufactures and sells high end RFID products. RFID devices from iDTRONIC guarantee a fast and safe identification of moving and non-moving items.

We offer RFID hardware for all common standards and frequencies including, LF125kHz, HF13.56MHz and UHF865 – 928 MHz.

Our product portfolio fits perfectly the needs of system integrators.

iDTRONIC Professional RFID offers:
Industrial-grade RFID readers, writers and gates
RFID antennas for stationary, mobile and embedded readers
Handheld computers and data collectors with integrated RFID
Embedded RFID modules and readers
RFID desktop readers and writers
Special RFID tags
Thanks to a strong technical team for development and support we are able to develop and offer high-end RFID products which guarantee to our customers:

Innovative design
High performance
Reliable quality
Fast time-to-market
Excellent value
Located in Ludwigshafen, Germany and close to Frankfurt International Airport we are easily accessible for our international customers.

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