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blue“Log X Series, power plant controller, VCOM: meteocontrol to present future-oriented monitoring solutions

meteocontrol at Booth 251 in Hall B2 during Intersolar Europe 2018

blue"Log X Series, power plant controller, VCOM: meteocontrol to present future-oriented monitoring solutions

Intersolar 2018: meteocontrol presents its product portfolio at booth B2.251. (Source: meteocontrol GmbH)

Augsburg, June 14, 2018 – At Intersolar 2018 in Munich, meteocontrol GmbH will demonstrate just how far the monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems and solar parks have come. In this work, the world“s leading provider of independent monitoring systems has added a wide range of new features and the innovative power plant controller blue“Log X-Control to its solution. The stars of the company“s exhibition booth will be the data logger blue“Log X series and the monitoring and operation management platform VCOM. Visitors to the trade fair will also learn about the innovative methods that meteocontrol intends to use in the future to further optimize fault alarms with the help of data analytics. meteocontrol will present its latest innovations at Booth 251 in Hall B2.

VCOM: systematically uncovering yield losses
About 45,000 PV systems around the globe with a total power output of more than 13 GWp are currently being monitored in the VCOM portal. meteocontrol is writing a new chapter in this success story by introducing a wide range of upgrades. The performance ratio and system availability can be parameterized so that operation managers can easily display contractually regulated formulas. As a way of quickly identifying small yield losses, meteocontrol has developed the actual/rated performance graphic and a heat map for string currents. Fully automated reporting has been made even simpler as well: Clearly structured portfolio reports comprehensively inform investors and stakeholders about the performance of their systems and portfolios. meteocontrol“s newly developed VCOM monitoring app for visualizations on mobile and devices also now includes solar power forecasts and performance values.

blue“Log X series: making the quality of measurement data transparent
With its major release for 2018, meteocontrol has made the blue“Log X series that has proved itself for three years more innovative and future-proof – while maintaining its high quality, performance and IT security. New functionalities provide a high level of transparency for measurement data and communications, including minute values and the recording of the communication quality between blue“Log and inverters, sensors and meters. Alarm management now includes parameters like sunrise and sunset in addition to offering efficient filter functions. „We also focused our enhancement efforts on smooth maintenance,“ said Martin Schneider, the Managing Director of meteocontrol. „This includes a lean firmware update, the simple add-on installation of driver packages, SD card replacement in case of a device defect and a configuration backup. And our individualized license model will ensure more cost efficiency.“

Plant control: blue“Log X-Control with integrated VPN client
With the X-Control – the heart of meteocontrol“s park controller – meteocontrol has developed an intelligent, ground-breaking solution. The new transparent controller core makes it possible to include the control functions in network simulation models. The X-Control also ensures that the continuously rising demands of energy providers can be met. Other enhancements assist solar trader activities that have proved effective in Germany for three years now: The integrated VPN client automatically establishes a connection to the solar trader in the blue“Log, without using an additional VPN router. Setup and the function test can be done much faster and easier. „With the help of X-Control, operators are prepared in the best-possible way for the European revision of the network codes and related changes to Germany“s medium- and high-voltage directives,“ Schneider said. „They can also work efficiently and cost effectively.“

Alarm management 2.0: heading into the future with data analytics
To further improve monitoring in the VCOM portal, meteocontrol plans to add an assistant to VCOM in the next step. At the meteocontrol booth, trade fair visitors will learn about how data analytics can help detect errors more quickly, report causes more precisely and recognize future error patterns – all in the name of „Alarming 2.0.“ „This works best in cooperation with the operation manager,“ Martin Schneider said. „User feedback is a key component for the learning system and can be integrated easily. We want to provide our customers with a tool that will enable them to technically operate a number of solar parks as easily as possible.“

Visit meteocontrol at Intersolar Europe 2018, at Booth 251 in Hall B2, from June 20-22, 2018, in Munich.

meteocontrol is the leading global provider of independent solar monitoring systems and currently monitors more than 45,000 PV systems with a total power output of over 13 GWp. For more than 40 years, meteocontrol has developed monitoring software and hardware for solar PV systems. They offer planning and commissioning of monitoring systems, as well as yield forecasts, technical due diligence, and energy and weather data analytics. Their independent engineering division has supported projects with a total investment of more than 13 billion euros. meteocontrol GmbH is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited, with headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, and Shanghai, as well as subsidiaries in Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Tokyo, Chicago and San Salvador. Further information: http://www.meteocontrol.com

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meteocontrol moves into MENAT region

Monitoring and quality assurance of photovoltaic systems

meteocontrol moves into MENAT region

The demand for solar energy in the MENAT region is rising in response to high electricity prices and the region“s growing need for energy. Northern Africa, the Middle East and Turkey have meanwhile become one of the most strongly growing photovoltaic markets in the world, in part because of the region“s high solar irradiance. „The success of the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi in January 2016 confirmed the region“s great potential. The event set records in exhibitor and visitor numbers,“ reports Rouven Lenhart, who is responsible for sales in the MENAT region at meteocontrol. „The level of interest in our trade fair booth was enormous, and we were able to make important contacts and nail down several projects. In particular, the opportunity to reduce operational and service costs and increase operational safety and yields through comprehensive remote monitoring poses a terrific advantage for customers in the region.“

Independent service provider for major projects
meteocontrol has already overcome the initial market-entry hurdles through projects it has carried out in Turkey and Israel. Other PV systems in the megawatt range in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt and the UAE are currently in the project pipeline. meteocontrol is ideally structured to meet the challenges of the MENAT region with its flexible, individually expandable monitoring systems. Both remote monitoring from a virtual control room (VCOM) and local monitoring solutions that rely on SCADA software can be adapted to meet system-specific and country-specific demands. „We offer our customers holistic monitoring and control solutions and provide complete service, from the planning phase to delivery of the hardware to on-site commissioning. That ensures a maximum of security for installers, operators and investors,“ confirms Martin Schneider, Managing Director of meteocontrol. The focus in the MENAT region is on power-plant-scale systems, since their costs are lower and their yield potential is higher. In this respect, meteocontrol assumes that regional growth potential will be high, because major projects in particular increase the demand for independent service providers like meteocontrol.

Many years of expertise and global project experience
meteocontrol has more than 40 years of experience in the remote monitoring of PV systems as well as extensive expertise from its international project activities. The company is currently active in 90 countries around the world and has 130 employees worldwide. In addition to its headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, meteocontrol has four European offices, an affiliated company in China and a subsidiary in the United States. The company“s customers benefit from this network: For example, customers from French-speaking MENAT countries can be supported by meteocontrol France directly in their own language.

About metecontrol:
meteocontrol, EU headquarter based in Augsburg, Germany and APMEA headquarter based in Shanghai (China), with offices and branches in Chicago (U.S.A.), Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy) and Moers (Germany) offers energy and weather data management, yield reports, quality audits and technical due diligence as well as monitoring of PV systems of all sizes. meteocontrol has more than 40 years of expertise in renewable energy systems and has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 13 billion Euros. In addition, meteocontrol is the market leader for professional remote monitoring of PV systems. meteocontrol monitors around 40,500 PV systems around the globe with a total power of over 10,7 GWp. meteocontrol is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited.
Further information: www.meteocontrol.com

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