The more Koskitukki provides Linda Forest with data on past purchases, the better the AI will become at predicting where to find, for example, timber with low branchiness.

Sawmill wood procurement company Koskitukki will be the first company in Finland to allow Linda Forest to analyze qualitative timber data. Linda Forest is an AI-powered SaaS platform developed by Collective Crunch. CollectiveCrunch and Koskitukki started collaboration in the fall of 2019.
„Koskitukki wants to be part of digitalization of the sawmill industry as well as the development of artificial intelligence and deep learning for its needs,“ says Ville Parkkinen, Forest Director at Koskitukki.
Koskitukki will send CollctiveCrunch data from timber cutting and X-ray sorting. The latter is something Linda has never seen before. While timber cutting data enables Linda Forest to create predictions on timber assortment, the X-ray sorting gives it a chance to be even more specific: with it, Linda can predict timber quality on a level even beyond assortment. It can estimate, for instance, timber branchiness in a certain stand of timber.
Objective: to enrich Finnish forest data
According to Ville Parkkinen, Koskitukki’s main benefits from the partnership are improved accuracy of wood procurement and increased cost-efficiency. Linda Forest enables this, as it is more accurate than previously used tools and sources of information. It also lessens the need to visit the forest to confirm the wood quality.
CollectiveCrunch, from its part, is happy about the future collaboration because it will be the first time Linda Forest can learn from sawmill data in Finland.
„The whole point is to enrich Finland“s forest data together. The more there is information, the easier it gets for everyone to find exactly what they are looking for“, says Jarkko Lipponen, the Chief Product Officer of CollectiveCrunch.
Because Linda Forest gets more accurate the more it learns, Jarkko Lipponen hopes CollectiveCrunch will find more partners like Koskitukki who are ready to let Linda learn from their data and get accuracy and savings in turn.
„In particular, we are looking for more sawmills, large forest owners and large forest companies for partnership,“ he lists.

Koskitukki Oy is a sawmill wood procurement company of the Koskisen Group. It acquires approximately two million cube meters of wood annually, primarily to cater for the material needs of the Koskisen sawmill. CollectiveCrunch is a technology startup and a leading AI provider in forestry.

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