An app for parents who let the „real“ Santa Claus bring the presents – in an audio illusion

Medientank Handels GmbH launches an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch containing mini audio plays that acoustically pretend that Santa Claus is visiting

An app for parents who let the "real" Santa Claus bring the presents - in an audio illusion

An app for parents who let the “real” Santa Claus bring the presents – in an audio illusion.

The good old little bell announcing that Santa Claus has visited has served its purpose; now a simple smartphone app has an even greater effect: Install the „iSanta“ app on your iPhone or iPod touch ( ) and look forward to starry-eyed children and astonished looks on the faces of your friends and relatives. With the app, which can be purchased from the iTunes AppStore for only 89 cents, elaborate little audio plays can be started by time-control, which remarkably, realistically imitate the sound of Santa Claus or the Christ Child arriving. The Christmas illusion is perfect – and the present giving can start.

This is how it works: You set the timer to a time that you need to „distract“ your children, relatives or friends, until Santa Claus or the Christ Child arrives through the chimney/window. A great idea is to close the door to the room where the presents are going to be laid out – so that one can really „eavesdrop“.

Set your iPhone / iPod to a very high volume and position it in a place where it can fill the room with sound, but at the same time can“t be detected by the children or other people who will enter the room later, in order to not raise suspicion. The sound is even better and more authentic if the iPhone or the iPod is in a stereo system which plays the audio over an iPhone/iPod connection. Now press „Start“.

While the timer counts down, you have enough time to get your little and big guests out of the room in which the presents will be laid out – because after all, Santa Claus or the Christ Child mustn“t be discovered. Another person should be part of your surprise and, unnoticed, lay out the presents around the Christmas tree, then join the group again before the timer has reached the time to start the app.

Minutes go by; the last seconds are counting down: Now you can basically prove to your children, relatives and friends that Santa Claus or the Christ Child is real after all! He/it looks around the room, lays out the presents, tests the mood with a little bit of Christmas music – and finally rushes back out the window/ chimney.

So, while you are standing „innocently“ with your guests in front of the closed Christmas room, everyone can clearly hear that Santa Claus is making a „live“ appearance. And of course he/it speaks a little: Santa Claus in the English and German version, and the Christ Child naturally in the German version. Starry-eyed children with open mouths should be guaranteed.

The „iSanta“ app is designed for all Apple devices from iOS version 5.0 and currently available for 89 cents from the iTunes AppStore ( ). It is optimised for the iPhone 5 and compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone5, iPad and iPod touch (from generation 3).

In addition, the main contents of the app – in cooperation with the audio book publisher Highscore Music – are also available as a type of music album: The audio files can be downloaded in different versions via the download portals iTunes ( ) and Amazon ( ) and can then be e.g. burnt on to a CD or transferred to your mobile player or mobile phone.

Whether Santa Claus in English or German, or the Christ Child in German: For each version there is also an audio file which starts with 3 minutes of silence – enough time to distract curious little and big Christmas fans.

The company, with headquarters in Vienna, was founded 20 years ago and operates online portals in the audio book field and develops e-commerce applications for Internet, Windows, iOS and Android. Since 2007, a division of Medientank operates as a specialised dealer of books under the name AUDIAMO-Hörbuch-Shop.

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