Best Leadership Practices for a Successful Company

In modern times your company needs some good leaders to stay strong in the financial industry. To ensure performance and job satisfaction of the team members you have to start with the knowledge workers. Dr. Richard Young wants to raise awareness on various leadership practices that help to strengthen the team and – in result – the company. His book „Leadership Practices for Optimizing Performance and Job Satisfaction in the Financial Industry“ was published by GRIN in September 2021.

A successful leadership comes alive in the behaviors that are used, felt, and observed across an organization. The company culture defines the strength of the team. Core values are essential for a pleasant working atmosphere where everyone can develop and find his or her place in the team. When you invest in your company’s current and future leaders, you are fundamentally protecting your core values. There are various aspects of leadership – such as the role of vision and emotion – that need to be considered.

The effects of different management practices

To find the right way for your company you have to look on best leadership practices and methods for managing employee performance. Dr. Young focuses on management styles that permit an organization to increase workload without negative impact on the team and its members. 200 IT managers and 1000 employees in the financial industry were observed and interviewed on this topic. The author bases his research on qualitative interviews, observation, and document analysis. He provides a detailed overview of management practices and their effect on employee job satisfaction, retention, and organizational efficiency.
His publication is directed to leaders who strive for clearly defined leadership principles and core values that affect the behaviors within the team in a positive way. The right tools and training will help knowledge workers to distribute the principles in the company.

About the author

Dr. Young is currently director of Technology Risk at a global financial institution headquartered in New York City, and a Cybersecurity Adjunct Professor. In his leading positions he has learned a lot about best leadership practices and methods. As a seasoned cyber risk executive with extensive hands-on expertise, he is constantly establishing and maintaining the enterprise strategy to ensure information assets are adequately protected.

The book has been released at GRIN Publishing in September 2021 (ISBN: 978-3-34648- 254-9).

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