BHS-Sonthofen Appoints New Mixing Division Sales Manager for U.S. Site

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BHS-Sonthofen Appoints New Mixing Division Sales Manager for U.S. Site

Mike Kerins, the new Mixing Division Sales Manager at BHS-Sonthofen Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolin

Mike Kerins is the new Mixing Division Sales Manager at the American subsidiary BHS-Sonthofen Inc. based in Charlotte, North Carolina. BHS-Sonthofen has appointed him to further strengthen the sales team, which has quadrupled the number of mixers installed in North America since 2011. Moreover, BHS is now offering its customers the option to carry out material and field tests at their own facilities by providing laboratory mixers on a rental basis from the Charlotte location.

BHS-Sonthofen has appointed Mike Kerins to further capitalize on the continually increasing acceptance of BHS mixers in North America. Kerins has over 10 years of experience in the concrete industry through his time with CEMEX and Pavestone and certifications from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT). Kerins has managed the design, start-up, operation and quality control of plants throughout the US. He graduated magna cum laude with a B. Sc from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Kerins will provide customers with expert technical consulting on all topics concerning BHS mixing technology. He will also draw upon his expertise to oversee tests with laboratory mixers that customers can rent from BHS to run trials at their own facilities.

At BHS-Sonthofen Inc., Kerins will support project management in ensuring even shorter delivery times for mixers and spare parts in the United States.

Dennis Kemmann, the Managing Director of BHS-Sonthofen GmbH, has the following to say of Kerins: „Mike is a recognized specialist who knows his way around concrete plants and construction sites. He has familiarized himself with all different kinds of mixers over the course of his career. We are happy that he has chosen to come on board with BHS-Sonthofen and bring his wealth of expertise to the table.“

Ever since BHS-Sonthofen Inc. established the Mixing Division in 2011, the company has successfully established the German mixers on the American market. For instance, twin-shaft batch mixers make up the lion“s share of the 220,000 m³ of in-situ concrete required to construct the New NY Tappan Zee Bridge. They are also producing tens of thousands of cubic meters of concrete for the bridge“s precast structural elements, some of which weigh over 300 tons. BHS-Sonthofen single- and twin-shaft batch mixers are also becoming increasingly popular for use in dam stabilization projects and for conditioning backfill material in mining applications.

Mike Kerins“ contact information:
-Tel.: (+1-704) 845-1190

About BHS-Sonthofen Inc. (USA)
BHS-Sonthofen Inc., based in Charlotte, North Carolina, was founded in 1998 as the first BHS-Sonthofen subsidiary in order to address the growing demand for BHS filtration technology in North America and provide local customers with in-depth support. Since 2011, BHS-Sonthofen Inc. has also been responsible for selling mixing technology in North America and started selling recycling technology in the region in 2015.

The Mixing Division established in 2011 supplies single- and twin-shaft batch mixers for continuous and batch operation. The sales team consults North American clients on selecting and dimensioning plants, guaranteeing quick service all the while. Alongside an extensive warehouse for spare and wear parts, the Charlotte site is also home to laboratory mixers available on a rental basis to companies interested in carrying out their own material and test mixing.

BHS-Sonthofen Inc. is also a certified member of the Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau“s (CPMB) Mixer Manufacturers division.

About BHS-Sonthofen
BHS-Sonthofen GmbH is an owner-operated group of companies in the field of machinery and plant engineering based in Sonthofen, Germany. The company offers technical solutions for mechanical process technology, concentrating primarily on mixing, crushing, recycling and filtration. With more than 350 employees and several subsidiaries, BHS-Sonthofen has a global presence.

The Mixing Technology division produces batch and continuous mixers and offers a full range of process technology for mixing applications. The twin-shaft batch mixer, which is considered a global benchmark in the concrete industry, is a key product.

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