Cheap Explosion Proof Camera for hazardous areas

On-Demand production Made in Germany allows affordable blast proof cameras for the hazardous area

Cheap Explosion Proof Camera for hazardous areas

For many plant and system operators, the price plays a decisive role in the decision making but cheap and low-quality cameras can cost you dear in the long run. If, for example, the application requirements are not met completely, wear and tear makes it necessary to prematurely exchange the camera, or when a plant audit reveals that the camera”s certification is invalid. A Hessian manufacturer now has developed a way to produce economical and sturdy cameras which are suitable for hazardous areas.

So far, cheap ex-cameras only came from the Far East and had a limited application spectrum. In addition, available certifications which are necessary for the proper operation, e.g. ATEX, IECEx and EAC-Ex certifications, were sometimes of rather doubtful nature. However, now a camera manufacture from Hesse, Germany has found a way to lower the costs for a high-quality ex-camera to below 2,000 EUR. Now also price-sensitive customers can afford an ex-protected camera without having to make a compromise – neither on the quality nor on available features.

“We integrate a solid lens with a fixed focal length and an approved video module in an extremely compact housing. We are also particularly proud of the mounting adapter”s design which we produce on-demand, using innovative production techniques in order to save on installation, material, and storage costs. And the resulting cost advantage we happily pass on to our customers”, says Steffen Seibert, Managing Director of SAMCON.

Due to the camera”s design, it does not cause an explosion, even if a spark is created inside it since this potential spark cannot escape from the housing. As a result, it is possible to use the camera in atmospheres containing gas or dust (1, 2, 21, 22).
Despite its cost-effective production, the camera can even be used in mining or in other tough environments and even minor vibrations or impacts do not cause any damages.

Damp environments, aggressive gases, temperature changes, and temperatures ranging between -60° C and +50° C do not affect the camera as well. A particular advantage is also its compact size; with a length of less than 16 centimeters it can be installed even in confined spaces not affecting other plant components.

For those customers who need a higher resolution than HD with 720p and who want to use the camera also under difficult or changing light conditions, more sophisticated models of the ExCam Series are available. The larger camera housings provide also more space to install additional features such as an IR cut filter or mechanical zoom lenses so that for each application the right camera can be used to meet also the most difficult conditions.

“We have started some 10 years ago manufacturing explosion proof cameras for companies and plants all over the world. During this time we gathered the expertise to determine where it is possible to make cuts and which components do not allow a compromise regarding safety.

For example, we still use our approved stainless steel housing but depending on the application, also the aluminum housing is used. We are convinced about our cameras” quality. The ExCam IPM 3014 also passed – from the get-go – all certification and endurance tests so we feel very strong about it”, Steffen Seibert adds.

The ExCam IPM 3014 is available starting March 2016 either directly at SAMCON or at one of the worldwide 31 distributors.

SAMCON cameras aim at protecting people, plants, as well as material assets. In comparison to standard CCTV cameras they are explosion proof and it is hence possible to use them in hazardous areas such chemical plants, refineries, and mines. The ExCam Series comprise analog and IP cameras, are available with a fixed focal length or with zoom lenses and can be used inside as well as outside. A comprehensive accessory range and the possibility to choose from different housing options make it possible to use the cameras in a variety of different environments.

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