Defect management – always keep track of your projects

…up to 57 % potential for savings!

Defect management - always keep track of your projects

Do you really want to work like this? Clipboard – camera – measuring tape?

Highly-paid engineers are recording defects on construction sites with their clipboard, camera
and measuring tape. Back in the office, they have to merge data like handwritten notes, voice
recordings and pictures. Excel sheets with a huge size of data have to be entered – but what
about integrating pictures? Mistakes and exploding rework costs and -time are the logical result.

So – what can be done about it?

Optimize your defect management with the defect management system and benefit from a savings potential of up to 57 % compared to usual rework time.

The defect management system allows an approximate time saving of 20 minutes per defect even if you only invest 60 EUR per user (when you purchase ten licenses of defect management software). This investment will pay off as soon as each user will remedy at least three defects per month. was developed by GmbH from Braunschweig. The motto of our company is “RELAX – get organized!”. We want to make life easier for everyone involved in a project. We are real problem solvers in a complex software world.

The defect management system consists of web application and mobile app. Construction defects and their current state are recorded professionally. Defects are evaluated and documented (picture-, performance- and defect documentation) until the defect is eliminated. You will receive a complete defect management in the execution and guarantee period. Moreover, the tracking and up-to-date monitoring of schedules and deadlines (inspections) are guaranteed.

The following features of defect management system might also be of interest to you: is a legally binding, web based solution. Data is collected by mobile app, the perfect processing takes place via web application. Data is synchronized easily, offline processing of data is also possible. The structures of are highly flexible (structure, reports, scenarios). Media breaks belong to the past as handwritten notes, voice recordings and pictures of defects are assigned automatically. This leads to a negligible error rate as media breaks no longer exist.

You may easily profit from a savings potential of up to 57 % compared to usual rework time. Our cloud service offers an up-to-dateness of information for all project participants. External partners (developers, planners, principals, consultants etc.) are integrated and the report generator creates standardized reports without costly post-processing. The system integrates and supports barcodes, NFC, RFID and external devices. Excel-import and -export of company-, defect- and trade-lists is possible. Moreover, form letters are created automatically.

Read two reviews about our defect management system

“… people get along well and like to use defect management system. The functions with multiple complaints and scheduled operations have received positive echo. In particular, the appointment tracking and the generation of reports work well!”

“ responds promptly and competently to inquiries and always has an open ear for our needs. We are very satisfied, especially with the fact that our suggestions lead the team to think ahead and contribute to further development.”

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