eHeat by HTS Global AG

The Swiss HTS Global AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance trace heating cables. HTS Global AG guarantees excellent customer service and high quality products.

In addition to the ThermTrace brand, HTS Global AG also produces the eHeat series, a product line of self-regulating heating tapes. They are particularly suitable for easy-to-use low-temperature applications and can be used for all important purposes in the construction sector.

HTS Global AG constantly tests its products to ensure their high standard.

The popular eHeat series includes the following products: eHeat Micro, eHeat Water and eHeat Gutter.

1. eHeat Micro is a self-regulating heating tape of construction quality that can be used for frost protection when maintaining the temperature of pipes. With its flexible properties, it can be used for small installation dimensions. It is an economical solution for small pipes and is available in small dimensions.

2. eHeat Water is a self-regulating heating tape of construction quality, which was specially developed for use in drinking water pipes or portable water pipes. It has a special food-safe outer jacket.

3. eHeat Gutter is a self-regulating heating tape for roof and gutter heating. For this purpose, this heating tape is supplied with a UV-protected outer jacket and is moisture-resistant.

HTS Global AG is also there for its customers in this critical time and will be happy to advise if there is interest in expanding the product range. In addition, HTS Global AG points out that now is the ideal time to check the internal inventory and, if necessary, to replenish it in order to avoid any unforeseeable supply difficulties.

Further information on the HTS product range can be found at You can also download a product catalog from the website. In addition, the CEO Fabian de Soet and his team at HTS Global AG are happy to answer any further questions.


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