Electronic Document and Data Processing

Electronic Data Processing and Management of Paper Documents and Files for Little Money with ecoDMS

Electronic Document and Data Processing

User Interface: Records Management with ecoDMS

Aachen, Germany, November 2015. Electronic data processing and the management of paper documents and computer files comes at a low price with ecoDMS.

ecoDMS is a document management system (records management system) that enables electronic data management for everyone. This comprehensive document archive convinces with its user-friendliness, platform independence, flexibility, ease of use and low licence price. Paper documents and digital data are archived revision-proof, managed professionally and retrieved quickly with ecoDMS.

In order to make data processing extremely easy, ecoDMS relies on the integrated template designer. This function automatically recognises documents, enters the data in the right place and fills in the required metadata. As soon as you archive a document in ecoDMS, the document management system automatically executes the recognition wizard. This significantly speeds up the archiving and assignment process for documents and records.

The ecoICE programme is used for state-of-the-art incoming mail processing and is a fixed part of the archiving solution. After scanning, the invoices, contracts and paper documents can be accessed directly via ecoICE, archived in the ecoDMS archive structure and then distributed immediately to the responsible staff.

Data that is already available in digital form can also be archived quickly. It can easily be dragged and dropped into the ecoDMS user interface. In the next moment the documents are safely archived. Moreover, the full version contains plugins for Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Mozilla Thunderbird. Office documents and emails can be archived in ecoDMS from each of these applications at the touch of a button. The version management function allows further processing of the archived Office documents. The changes are saved in ecoDMS as a new version. The original thus remains unchanged. The plugins always save the original file and an audit-proof PDF/A file.

Following the archiving process, the full text and UPOS information is immediately available for a quick and easy search in ecoDMS. In ecoDMS, all data is located in a central filing space. This makes it quick and easy to retrieve and display on the monitor. When entering search terms or filing information, the matching documents are retrieved and displayed within seconds.

ecoDMS is easy to operate and can be integrated perfectly in the existing IT infrastructure. The ecoDMS document management system (records management system) supports different platforms and can be installed under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian ad Mac OS. The ecoDMS user interface is available in the languages German and English. For all users who like using web and mobile applications, ecoDMS offers apps for smartphones and tablets. For these applications the system also offers a web user interface for the internet browser.

All software components can be downloaded at www.ecodms.de. The demo version offers full functionality for 30 days (except for mobile services) and is intended for test purposes only. The full version costs 49 Euros per licence and can be used privately and for commercial purposes. The free Free4Three version is aimed at private users but offers restricted functionality.

On the website users can also find extensive information on the software as well as instructive documentation and videos. A licence for the full version can be purchased in the online shop of the website. The license is valid for an unlimited period of time and depends on the number of simultaneous connections to the archive.

ecoDMS GmbH is an applord Holding Europe GmbH company. Since its foundation in 2014, the Aachen-based company has been selling the ecoDMS software. ecoDMS is a document management system used for archiving and managing electronic documents in a database. The software is a client-server system. ecoDMS is used for scanning, archiving and managing digital data and information. ecoDMS GmbH is renowned for its high degree of quality and service. Young, modern, and full of fervour, the software company opens new ways in document archiving. A strong, motivated team is offering perfect all-round service. ecoDMS GmbH is the first DMS provider to address private users, small to medium-sized companies and corporate customers.

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