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paperless note management via NFC-enabled tabletop display

Bolzano/Munich, 07.10.2022. The post-think founding team Ines Liehr and Maximilian Gögele are pitching on Kickstarter the eMinder they developed – a digital notepad in tabletop display format for easy organization of notes and to-do’s. Data transfer, as well as power for operation, is done via NFC technology through a smartphone. The crowdfunding with kick-off discounts has started on 04.10.2022 with a duration of 35 days.

Transferring to-do’s and pictures via NFC technology.

The eMinder visualizes the next or daily tasks prioritized on a digital notepad and thus supports acting more productively. The basis for this is the free eMinder app, via which users sort their next tasks according to urgency. Notes, to-do’s, favorite pictures and other workflow-optimizing information can then be easily transferred to the eMinder table display for viewing via the smartphone using Near Field Communication (NFC). The eMinder requires neither battery nor charging cable; the energy transferred from the smartphone via NFC is sufficient for operation.

Stylish aesthetics with customizable design

The eMinder is manufactured in a minimalist stylish design and fits harmoniously into any desk ambience. The housing is handmade from South Tyrolean pine wood with visible structure and grain. The device is equipped with a 4 inch / 10.16 cm eInk display, which is characterized by a particularly high energy efficiency as well as a low blue light content and does not reflect sunlight. On the back of the eMinder is a high-quality cover plate made of recycled aluminum that can be personalized – making the eMinder ideal as a gift.

Focus on sustainability

The entire production process, from manufacturing to packaging, is done by hand. The founding team focuses on short production routes and the use of regionally available resources. Due to the energy supply via NFC technology, batteries and external cables also become superfluous. Customers also benefit from the end-of-life recycling service. The eMinder can thus be returned to post-think at any time for sustainable disposal or recycling of suitable components.

Kickstarter campaign with early bird discounts

The eMinder is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. A funding goal of EUR 9,500 is targeted via crowdfunding. Supporters can secure their eMinder with early-bird discounts of up to 40 percent off the regular retail price of EUR 149. Delivery will start in early 2023 as long as the crowdfunding goal is reached. The accompanying app for transferring notes is available for free in the AppStore and via the post-think website.

To the Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/post-think/eminder-the-paperless-sticky-note-from-and-for-tomorrow?ref=1t3hz2

Post-think is the company behind the eMinder, the paperless todo list from and for tomorrow.

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