Legal Group UK: Opening the Door to Affordable Legal Help

Navigating the Legal System

From trying to understand legal jargon to dealing with huge amounts of paperwork, it can be a huge headache. is going to close the gap between affordable legal help and expert advice and assistance.

No one should lose out on legal information that could benefit them. We provide free infographics, How-To guides and helpful articles which provide straightforward information on common legal issues and queries.

Affordable Help – Accessible to All

„Intestacy“ or „Lifetime Trust“ are some common terms in Estate Planning – but what do they mean? You shouldn“t have to be a lawyer or have to pay exorbitant fees to benefit from these legal provisions.

So is there any help? Legal Group UK wants to be the solution- which is why we provide so much helpful guidance and information – for free!

Legal matters are unavoidable – whether it“s buying a house or having your Will made, we all have to deal with the legal system at some point in our lives. But getting the help you need isn“t always straightforward. It“s easy to get bogged down in complicated legal jargon, confusing fees and unhelpful solicitors.

It doesn“t have to be like this.

With access to…
– Easy-to-understand content
– Initial free advice from a solicitor
– Affordable help

…you can take control again and get the results you want. We“re not just an information website – we will also connect you with solicitors who can help you further. You can…

1) Use infographics and clear, concise articles to help break down complicated legal issues in a way that anyone can understand.
2) Talk to us on the phone, or chat online 1-on-1 with one of our team.
3) We will then match you with the right solicitor.

LegalGroupUK has got a new design – we“re taking on more staff, a better website and a whole new vision on how we can help more people than ever.

„My goal is to make getting legal help an easy and uncomplicated process, so that anyone can get the help they need and the best possible outcome.“ – Lara Fowler

The Legal Group UK team has been helping people find legal advice and a solicitor since 2011. Originally based in the North West of England, we work with firms across England and Wales. We are people-focused – we will spend as much time as needed with our prospective clients to understand the help they require and arrange for a solicitor to reach them at a convenient time. We will continue to stay in touch with you from initial contact to completion to ensure you“re getting the help you need.

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