Logivations at LogiMAT 2012

W2MO® – Logistics Optimization in the Web revolutionizes logistics – The „Best Product“ LogiMAT 2011 with many new functions

Logivations at LogiMAT 2012

W2MO® – web-based „All-in-One“ solution for modeling, 3D-simulation and optimization

Munich, February 23rd, 2012 – Logivations, the consulting and software company in Munich – expert in innovative solutions to holistic logistics optimization – presents at LogiMAT 2012 in Stuttgart (13 – 15 March 2012, Hall 7, Booth 501) the most striking innovations of W2MO®, the web-based „All-in-One“ solution for modeling, 3D simulation and optimization. The following areas are considered:

– Workforce planning:
Complete support and integration into the mobile devices like smartphones or tablet- PCs. The allocation of human resources can be changed easily done directly from the tablet-PC, while walking through the distribution center. Via web employees can access specific dialogues out of home.

– Case pack optimization:
New algorithms for the optimization of the storage container: the empty space in containers can be reduced by up to 40% almost immediately. As a result, the transport costs as well as the costs of storage and package materials can be reduced substantially. Optimally filled containers also affect companies“ eco-friendly image in a positive way.

– Market-oriented product assignment in the retailer DCs:
Particularly for the distribution logistics of trade companies, new sequence-oriented algorithms are written. Trade companies can generate product assignments for their distribution centers, which can enable the optimal supply to their subsidiaries considering commodity groups and reducing the expenses of the DC simultaneously.

– 3D-Visualization:
The integration of the 3D-Object into „.OBJ“ -format supporting 3D-system, such as Google SketchUp or Blender is a brand new feature. Besides, millions of 3D-Objects can be uploaded directly from the Internet. The downloaded and/or self-created 3D objects can be presented immediately to the customer via web too.

– New Database technology NoSQL („Not only SQL“):
The vast data volumes processing is real now. For the first time ever, NoSQL being the database of Google or Facebook has become available for the logistics due to the W2MO® application.

W2MO® being a powerful modeling, 3D-simulation and optimization tool that can be easily integrated into existing environment, supports the company in operational as well as in tactical and strategic aspects at the manageable maintenance costs.

The Managing Partner of the Logivations GmbH, Andrea Plapp, knows that W2MO® enjoys an excellent reputation on the market. „Within the last 1 1/2 years we have managed to acquire more than W2MO® 600 users. The dynamics is record-breaking!“.

W2MO® is also presented in Amsterdam/Schiphol, May 23rd or in Eindhoven, May 24th at the Logivations roadshow „Logistic + Innovations“.

About Logivations
The Logivations GmbH is an international consulting and software solutions provider with offices in Munich and Lviv / Ukraine. The company develops and implements innovative solutions based on advanced Internet technologies for integrated design and optimization of logistics. Being very easy to integrate, the software solution W2MO® is „the“ internet platform for design, visualization, optimization and evaluation of internal logistical processes. For projects on logistical network projects Logivations relies on the network optimization tool Supply Chain Guru® by the U.S. market leader LLamasoft Inc.


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