New Release for e-commerce Framework Arcavias available


The Hamburg IT provider, Metaways Infosystems GmbH, can now provide its customers, partners and potential clients with the new version “2012-07” of the e-commerce Framework Arcavias.

New Release for e-commerce Framework Arcavias available

Arcavias Frontend

The Arcavias Team just released “Release 2012-07”. With the release some new features have been introduced, too:

Extended and improved payment / delivery provider interface:
Much brain power and experience has been invested into Arcavias’ new service provider infrastructure that integrates payment providers and ERP systems.
Providers implementing the new interfaces are able to handle not onlystandard requirements but can also support features like separatepayment authorization and capturing of money, delayed capturing orsynchronous and batch updates without the need to write glue code any more.

Optimized administration interface for very big shops:
After optimizing the indices and queries generated by the administrationinterface, using it is now a pleasant experience even with more than 100000 products in the database.

Try yourself at Arcavias Demo and select the “Performance test site” in the drop-down in the upper right corner.

Improved usability of the administration interface:
The list flag property of the products was removed and the associationto a category is now only used to determine if the products should beshown when searching. In combination with the ability to drag&drop listitems into the search bar to find the referenced ones, this is anotherstep forward to handle to power of Arcavias easier.

Database independent test data:
The test data set required by the unit tests are now generated using themanagers from the MShop library. This makes testing with differentdatabase servers (like PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.) easy as soon as theschema files for those DBMS are created.

Almost full code coverage for ExtJS controllers:
The code of the ExtJS controllers talking to the administrationinterface is almost fully covered by unit tests. So errors hardly have achance any more.

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