New Sentiment Radar? enables evidence based brand strategies

Frankfurt/M., November 21, 2011 – With the stakeholder landscape in healthcare getting more and more complex, leveraging influencer and decision maker networks is key for the market success. But having even comprehensive information on stakeholder networks doesn“t necessarily mean to know the risks and opportunities within these networks.

Mederi is now introducing Sentiment Radar? – a new tool to understand brand awareness in stakeholder networks.

Sentiment Radar? enables evidence based network strategies:

– understand brand awareness within key influencer networks
– identify risks and opportunities for market access, marketing and sales
– drive message acceptance and strengthen brand awareness

Sentiment Radar? has already proven to boost brand awareness by up to 30%. It is currently applied in more than 30 national markets and 20 therapeutic areas, including oncology, diabetes, cardiology and orphan markets. „The existing results are more than promising and I“m convinced that with Sentiment Radar? our clients will have a powerful tool to base strategic decisions on a comprehensive and accurate network view that simply is best in class.“, says Kilian Weiß, CEO Mederi.

To get a first impression, view the video on our website: Sentiment Radar

About Mederi
Mederi is a leading provider of network intelligence in life science. The company was founded in 2005 as a scientific spin-off with the headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany and offices in Switzerland, France, Great Britain and the United States. The customized solutions strongly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, sales, and market access activities. By now eight of the global top-10 pharma companies use segmentation solutions from Mederi.

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