PLANSEE Express online shop for semi-finished and standard products opens to the Japaense market

PLANSEE Express online shop for semi-finished and standard products opens to the Japaense market

PLANSEE Express now also available in Japan

Starting right now, semi-finished and standard products can also be ordered in Japan at PLANSEE”s worldwide online shop. Extra-fast and on-time, the ordered products are shipped from Esashi, Japan. Our staff in the Tokyo office will provide the accustomed local customer service; a further site of PLANSEE SE, headquartered in Reutte, Austria.

Whether sheets, foils, rods, wires or TIG welding electrodes – the largest range of products made of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and their alloys has been available to PLANSEE customers since autumn 2010.

A new addition for the Japanese shop are PLANSEE evaporation boats made of three different materials and their alloys. It is presented with a graphic illustration and technical drawing of the boat. In addition, the customer receives all relevant information directly on the monitor, such as tank length, fill volume, and the required dimensions.

With the Japan launch, the worldwide rollout of the shop is complete. In the future, more application features will be added, making the shopping experience more enjoyable and faster for the customer. Furthermore, additional products and materials will be added to the shop.

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PLANSEE SE, Reutte / Austria, Mag. Julia HASLWANTER,, Tel.: +43 5672 600 2559,

PLANSEE Japan Ltd., Tokyo / Japan, Rie TAKAYAMA,, Tel.: +81 3 3568 2451,


The Plansee Group is a leader in the field of powder metallurgy, covering the entire production process from the ore right through to customer-specific components.

The corporate division PLANSEE SE is an expert for components manufactured from molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium and chromium. Alloys and composite materials from PLANSEE come into their own in electronics, coating technology or high-temperature furnaces – wherever traditional materials are stretched beyond their limits.

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