Quanos Content Solutions Launches New Content Delivery Solution

SaaS solution for the distribution of large quantities of information from component content management systems

Quanos Content Solutions GmbH, a leading provider of software for technical documentation, is launching Quanos InfoCube, an SaaS solution for content delivery. It enables large quantities of product-related information from SCHEMA ST4 and other component content management systems to be distributed in a more targeted manner.

Browsing through printed documents or PDF files, questioning whether these documents are even up to date, and struggling to store the information because there is no central storage location for these documents – this is still all too familiar for many companies that deal with a high volume of product-related information. This is where Quanos InfoCube, a content delivery Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, comes in. Quanos InfoCube can be used to share large quantities of technical, product-related information with customers, employees, and partners online and offline quickly, easily, and in a searchable manner – be it from SCHEMA ST4 or other component content management systems.

Configurable and ready to use in no time

The InfoCube is up and running in no time. It is operated in a Kubernetes cluster from Quanos, making it flexibly scalable and highly reliable. Thanks to the integration between Quanos InfoCube, SCHEMA ST4, and all other common component content management systems, users can access finished content much faster.

The facet search and access filters based on the context or target group make it possible to limit the amount of information quickly and purposefully. Users do not miss any information because they are notified of updates and can access it on all mobile devices. The system runs very reliably without the need for constant coordination with IT and is secured against unauthorized access.

Quanos InfoCube is particularly beneficial for companies in mechanical and plant engineering, medical technology, and the software industry. It comes in many forms, e.g. as a documentation portal in which all technical documentation is available, as an online software help or in the form of a service information or employee information system.

„In the future, content delivery will constitute a standard technical documentation task. That is why it is important for us to offer Quanos InfoCube – a solution that not only provides answers for users quickly, but can also be introduced rapidly and operated efficiently,“ summarizes Sebastian Göttel, Head of Product-Management at Quanos Content Solutions.

The existing content delivery product from Quanos Content Solutions, SCHEMA Content Delivery Server, will remain available as an on-premises solution.

What is Quanos Content Solutions?
Quanos Content Solutions was founded under the name SCHEMA in Nuremberg in 1995 and manufactures professional software for technical writing and marketing departments. Software solutions from Quanos Content Solutions help companies to create, manage, translate, and publish smart product information – from printed technical documentation right through to a digital knowledge base.
The popular SCHEMA ST4 component content management system is a staple of any well-equipped technical writing department and SCHEMA CDS, an additional product, provides smart access to smart information. Quanos Content Solutions software is being used in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive sector, information technology, electronics, medical technology, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Quanos Content Solutions | Passion for smart information | www.quanos-content-solutions.com
As part of the Quanos Group, Quanos Content Solutions and Quanos Service Solutions have a lot in common, namely their aim of helping people to understand machines and their passion for smart information.

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