Recovering more marketable material from waste

Pre-shredder with a special crossbeam facilitates precise sorting

Recovering more marketable material from waste

The pre-shredder is particularly suited for the pre-shredding of large or voluminous materials

BHS-Sonthofen will present the pre-shredder of type VRS 1215 at IFAT 2018. It is used for the pre-shredding of domestic and commercial waste, white goods, electronic waste and building materials. For the first time, BHS optionally supplies the machine with either a tearing table or a counter-crossbeam. This allows customers to adapt it to a wide range of feed materials and desired granulation of the shredded material – which is a key prerequisite for cleanly separating the material by type. BHS will also be presenting a Rotorshredder of type RS 2018, which the company has developed specifically for shredding electronic waste.

The pre-shredder of type VSR is a low-speed, high-torque twin-shaft shredder. Due to the rotor shafts“ relatively large diameter and the special blade geometry, the machine is particularly suited for the tearing pre-shredding of large or voluminous materials such as household, industrial, commercial and bulky waste.

The tearing table is used when processing bulky feed material. The new counter-crossbeam is ideal for the pre-shredding of materials such as electronic waste. In this application, it is particularly important to cleanly break apart solid components – for example, printer steel shafts – without damaging batteries and capacitors.

BHS will also be presenting the Rotorshredder of type RS 2018 with new discharge doors developed specifically for shredding electronic waste. Thanks to the doors“ arrangement, material that has already been separated is prevented from once again mixing with other components. As a result, the machine delivers cleanly separated materials for efficient downstream processing.

BHS-Sonthofen at IFAT 2018 (Munich, Germany, 14 to 18 May 2018): Hall B4, Booth 351/450

The VSR“s technology in detail

The pre-shredder of type VSR is fed from above via a large feed hopper. The feed material is captured by the two rotating shafts, which change their direction of rotation at regular intervals. The tearing tools are arranged on the shaft in a mirror-symmetric formation that allows them to act in both directions during rotation. A pusher presses the feed material between the shafts, thus ensuring a high throughput.

If a high degree of shredding is required, BHS offers to install a tearing table under the rotor shafts, which is designed as a single-unit cassette. If a lower degree of shredding is desired – for example, in the pre-shredding of electronic waste – BHS will set up a counter-crossbeam below the two rotor shafts instead of the tearing table. The beam ensures that batteries and capacitors remain intact.

In both cases, the design delivers a double shredding action: Shredding takes place between the rotating tools on both shafts as well as between these and the stationary tearing table or crossbeam.

As soon as the feed material has reached the target size, it exits the machine through the bottom and is transported to the sorting chamber via a conveyor belt. Scrapers prevent material from wrapping around the shafts or adhering to them.

The machine housing is designed as a highly robust, one-piece, welded steel construction devoid of any screw connections. This design ensures high availability, long service life of wear parts and low maintenance requirements.

Both the rotor shafts and the tearing table or the crossbeam can be regenerated by means of simple surfacing jobs. Moreover, a quick-change system makes it possible to replace the rotor shafts within just four hours. When the infeed hopper has been disassembled, the rotor shafts equipped with their quick coupling are exposed. As a special feature of BHS products, the bridges of the bearing shells can be removed without having to remove the gear unit. This also exposes the tearing table cassette, allowing it to be replaced.

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