RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Completes Compliance Test of MOST® Control Devices

MOST Extended Core Compliance Test Verifies Signal Traffic for the Electronic Control Line (ECL)

RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS Completes Compliance Test of MOST® Control Devices

Test Setup ECL Test Automation

Munich (Germany) March 6, 2012 – Test house RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS broadens its portfolio with the MOST Extended Core Compliance Test. With this new test the qualified system integrator for automotive data communication assures compliance by providing an additional reliable solution for the generation and verification of signal traffic for the Electrical Control Line (ECL) of devices in the MOST network. RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS thus completes the test program for compliance inspection for MOST control devices.

As a complement, with immediate effect, a TTsuite based test automation is also available which realizes the Compliance Test Specification developed in the graphical format of TTCN3. The test automation for ECL is another component of the Ruetz System Solutions Test Development Kit (TDK), which allocates all options for effective test design, automation and maintenance in the areas of physical layer, network, system performance and application.

The involvement of the test program TDK and of RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS as an experienced test partner with proven special knowledge and structured processes will provide the clear and untarnished perception of an independent test house to the person in charge of the project. With it the outsourcing partner allows for an objective evaluation of the maturity of a development at any design stage, and thus supports a smooth and punctual production start (SOP).



With comprehensive expertise in data communication for automotive electronic systems, Ruetz System Solutions provides full service to carmakers and suppliers for a smooth and timely production start (SOP). The outsourcing partner based in Munich offers engineering services for system integration, Test Laboratories as a Service, compliance tests and training. Part of the test laboratory solutions are test systems and platforms. All in-car data transmission standards such as, amongst others, CAN, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, MOST, USB and WLAN are supported competently and reliably by the general contractor. More information is available at

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