Shift in system architecture focus with Cloud and In-Memory

DataVard”s customer monitor 2015 reveals SAP-user trends

Heidelberg, December 11, 2014 – Cloud and In-Memory trends will continue to affect many companies in 2015. “DataVard customer monitor 2015″, the software and consulting company DataVard customer analysis, determined three central approaches for SAP-user companies” agenda for 2015: consolidation, intelligent data management and automation. “We expect to see important and fundamental decisions in many companies regarding system architecture, which will significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency in SAP-systems” DataVard CEO, Gregor Stoeckler, explains.

Effective operations and transparency are essential as the basis of innovation for SAP-users, placing existing system architecture under scrutiny. “SAP”s approach “Runs SAP as a factory”, very clearly reveals the current demands on IT departments,” Gregor Stoeckler explains. “In order to create space for innovation, operations have to be run as efficiently as in a factory. These two challenges have to be dealt with differently.” In preparation of these two points, there are three main approaches for SAP-users in the coming year.

Consolidation enables simplicity and transparency
At the onset of the new millennium, many companies built up very complex system landscapes due to international roll-outs and/or best-of-breed approaches. For the same or similar user cases, a number of systems have been retained- creating three issues: complex and inflexible landscapes, creation of more work and costs ultimately resulting in lack of transparency. “The more scattered the data is, the more time-consuming it is to get a complete overview. It”s always easier to filter a single source of truth than several sources,” Gregor Stoeckler summarizes. “We recommend a simple, centralized and powerful architecture enabling maximum flexibility and keeping operational costs in line. This promotes worldwide data transparency along the value added chain and establishing foundation for innovation.”

Intelligent data management as an accelerator
Every consolidation requires data be standardized and harmonized. Intelligent data management determines how data is to be dealt with. In the sense of an intelligent filing system, the costs of provisioning should be constantly adaptable to the actual use of the data. This is particularly important in view of a migration to SAP HANA. It is only possible to realize the migration cost effectively and to make optimum quality available to the end-user with the help of intelligent data management.

Automation saves time and costs
A fundamental advantage of standardization is the automation of numerous processes. Housekeeping of regular data cleansing and simple updating, can be completely automated. Most system test runs can also be automated. Automated processes can make a lot of manual work superfluous. Apart from saving time and costs, the big advantage is greater reliability and guaranteed quality.

“These three aspects are timeless approaches for system optimization. They are experiencing a revival through the current Cloud and In-memory trends and are now more than ever in the spotlight,” is how Gregor Stoeckler explains DataVard”s customer monitor 2015 results. “Many companies will make important decisions about the architecture as such in 2015. These decisions have yet to been made, either because it was unnecessary to do so, or they”ve been delayed.”

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