Siempelkamp: New press raises the quality of titanium used in the aerospace industry

Forming presses for all process steps in titanium production

Siempelkamp: New press raises the quality of titanium used in the aerospace industry
The modernized press will cut titanium sponge blocks with high accuracy on a plane from 5 up to 50 mm.

The UKTMP Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Plant JSC in Kamenogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan, commissioned Siempelkamp to modify an existing press in such a manner that it will cut titanium sponge gently. This new order once again proves that Siempelkamp can provide solutions for all forming processes in titanium production.

UKTMP JSC, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan, is planning to modernize an existing press for the cutting of titanium sponge with Siempelkamp’s participation. The concept was developed in a joint effort by engineers from UKTMP JSC and Siempelkamp and incorporates the use of press components from an existing press. The modernized press is expected to allow the cutting of titanium sponge blocks with high accuracy on a plane from 5 up to 50 mm. The scope of delivery includes the new control system for the cutting process and a tool changer. Siempelkamp has already performed a big order for UKTMP JSC in 2010 – an 80 MN press for the pressing of titanium sponge into compacts which, after re-melting in vacuum-arc furnaces, are used as the starting material for products in the aerospace industry. Contracts between UKTMP JSC and Siempelkamp were signed in July 2011. Currently, the design phase is underway. The installation of all press components is planned for the third quarter of 2012, the commissioning of the press for January 2013.

Compacting of titanium – sponge turns into hard metal
While steel and aluminum are both directly smelted from ores, during the production of titanium, first an intermediate product is formed – the extremely porous titanium sponge. For the production of titanium another process step, the compacting of the titanium sponge, is required. A Siempelkamp press, installed in 2010, presses the titanium sponge to so called „compacts“ which, in a subsequent process, are then re-melted using an electric arc furnace.

The distinct feature of this press is that it works from both sides. Because it has a press capacity of 2 x 80 MN, it generates an extremely high specific forming pressure which so far is new for the compacting of titanium sponge in presses of this dimension. The resulting compacts have a high density and, consequently, are easier to process.

The tendency for more complex and larger components which are robust and at the same time light has been growing for years. Consequently, the relevance of titanium for the aerospace industry is rising. For all process steps in the forming of titanium Siempelkamp provides press systems which are specifically tailored to this material.

About Siempelkamp
For decades Siempelkamp has gained great experience in engineering and manufacturing metal forming presses. These include sheet forming presses for the production of large pipes and half shells, straightening presses, presses for the production of side rails, presses for heat exchanger plates, hydroforming presses, presses for the production of differential carriers as well as the full line of closed and open-die forging presses.
The company specializes in customized presses with high pressing forces.

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