Social Media as a Marketing channel

Marketing is a very important aspect of success. It is always needed. When a business is just starting out, it needs to spread the word of its existence. Potential customers need to be reached and find out about this new company, the new product or new service.

Nowadays Marketing offers plenty of possibilities, e.g. through Social Media, but at the same time it means there is more competition, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of De Soet Consulting in Switzerland.

The first step is to think about what your goal is. Once a goal is set, it is easier to focus on how to achieve it and find the right strategies. Ambition is important, but without focus you find yourself struggling very quickly, says Rieta de Soet, who has been supporting companies at her Business Center for over 20 years.

Simple yet effective are two of the keywords. Use Social Media Channels, but choose carefully which ones, because in the beginning it is impossible to keep them all updated without employees who were hired specifically for that reason.

To choose which platform is the best one, it is useful to do some research in advance and find out which channels are popular with the customers you want to reach. Make sure your channels are always updated and post some new updates regularly, so potential customers don’t forget about it.

In times like these, when every business and every person is affected by the Coronavirus it is even more important for a company to stay on top of their game. The individual marketing strategy always depends on the product, but no matter what the product or service is, be certain about what the Unique selling point (USP) is.

De Soet Consulting helps their customers to work out a marketing strategy and stay focused on their goal. This is one of the benefits of being located at a Business Center, but De Soet Consulting also supports its customers now as much as possible.

De Soet Consulting ist eine Beratungsgesellschaft mit einem Team von Betriebswirten, Steuerberatern, Marketing- und Unternehmensberatern, die über eine 20-jährige Beratungserfahrung verfügen. De Soet Consulting betreut weltweit in Amerika, Asien und Europa Kunden, die ihren bisherigen Standort verlagern oder eine neue Firma gründen wollen. De Soet Consulting bietet Komplettlösungen für Unternehmen an, die ihren Standort verlegen oder einen neuen Standort gründen wollen.

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