SPACE-Formula: Finally decoded!

And by transferring „space“-aspects to earth challenges, the 17 UN-SDGs may be solved. All at once!

SPACE-Formula – Finally decoded!

It is now published in the book AstronSpaceOnomy, ISBN 978-3-7534-4547-2

Whereas Albert Einstein discovered the relativities of the „now“, now we add the „past“ and the „future“. With our formula of SPACE (in combination with out formula of TIME) we relativize the relativities of Einstein. A breakthrough against the walls of the actual astronomy-status-quo.

And by doing so, we also disclose the 23 % of „black“-forces concerning „black-matter“ (why do planets not orbit faster?) – and as well change aspects like: rectifying Einstein´s „curved space“.

And we correlate our astronomy-findings about space to optimize earth aspects like: liberty & peace – and the „space-energy“ to focus on the energy in the space of our brain: knowhow & wisdom.

In our Trilogy „GlobalOnomy“ we solve challenges resulting at: economy & currency, knowledge & wisdom, peace & liberty, health & wealth and welfare & sustainability – world-wide! By doing so, all 17 UN-SDGs, the 17 Sustainable-Development-Goals of the United Nations, are solved at once. Now.

Multidimensional cross-thinking led to paradigm-shifting in astronomy, sociology and economy. For more info, just have a look at



world-wide-wealth is the plattform for world wide wealth. We research, invent and use math/physical formulas of astronomy to optimize our globus – via a global consideration of many aspects: GlobalOnomy (economy & sociology & ecology & politology & peace & sustainability). For the Wealth of Mankind.

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