Visual Goal Management Software: Goalscape Launches New Web Application

Leading goal tracker gets major upgrade

„Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible,“ asserted motivational guru Tony Robbins. Many business leaders and coaches face the daily challenge of managing business and employee goals, as well as their own personal goals – all at the same time. Double Olympian Marcus Baur invented a simple way to visualize all the goals to be achieved for a successful Olympic campaign, clarifying the challenge and making it easier for him to communicate with team-mates and coaches. In 2009 he founded Goalscape Software GmbH in Kiel, Germany, and turned his concept into the Goalscape Visual Goal Management software. This unique visual solution enables individuals, teams and organizations to manage their goals visually: keeping track of all the details, yet always maintaining the big picture overview. Now, after a successful beta phase, the Goal Management Software specialist announces the official release of the all new Goalscape web application for corporations, coaches, leaders, and anyone pursuing ambitious, worthwhile goals.

Goalscape is the leading Visual Goal Management solution. It is powerful yet easy to use, allowing anyone to visualize goal structures, set priorities, allocate resources and track progress. It unleashes the power of goals to increase motivation and focus, improve performance and achieve success. The initial release comes with many new features and enhancements – among others:

– New Focus feature: Goalscape has always been great to manage long term goals, but the new version makes it really easy to focus on what matters every day. How this works is explained in this video.

– Runs in the browser: This new web application runs in any browser on any desktop or laptop computer. User now just login to access and update their Goalscape projects on any computer anywhere – no download required.

– Single Sign-On (SSO) and Social Login – simple, convenient and secure.

– New, cleaner UI: It“s easier than ever to create and share goalscapes. Teams agree on goals, set priorities visually, track progress, note team achievements and celebrate wins. Use smart – or, even better, FAST goal setting (Frequently discussed, Ambitious, Specific, Transparent), implement OKR (Objectives and Key Results), clarify communication and always see the big picture. Teams can revisit goals, priorities, and progress as they work in a continuous review process.

– Full media support: As well as adding notes and comments on goals and subgoals, users can insert tables and images – and even embed videos that open in the selected goal.

– Fully-formatted Notes text: The all-new Notes field supports enhanced formatting, so users can copy and paste notes, including tables and links, maintaining all the formatting from the original document or website.

– Hosted in Germany: Goalscape uses CuByte“s ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001 certified green data center colocations in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

One of Goalscape“s major benefits is that it provides a unique clear visual breakdown of goals, priorities and progress in one powerful view. The software is intuitive and easy to use – no training required, or even a manual (though there are infopoint videos for all the main features). So it“s engaging and easy for teams to adopt, allowing everyone involved to contribute and see what“s happening all the time.

Goalscape supports goal-oriented strategies to boost motivation, sharpen focus and improve performance.

Easy onboarding
The new SSI access, with a quick registration process and new Login with Google option, makes it easier than ever for people to start using the full power of Goalscape. All current Goalscapers can easily switch to the new application too: they can login with their existing credentials and there is an import feature that allows them to upload their existing Goalscape projects (GSP files).

Free 14-day Trial of the new Goalscape Web Application
Users can check out the new features and try Goalscape´s unique Visual Goal Management Software 14 days for free:

About Goalscape Software
Goalscape Software GmbH, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Kiel, Germany, develops visual goal setting and goal management solutions for competitive sports, corporations, team performance, staff motivation and individual goals. Designed by successful Olympic athletes and coaches to ensure optimal preparation for the Olympic Games, the Goalscape goal-setting software has been used by over 50,000 people in companies, sports organizations and collaborative teams worldwide, for thousands of successful projects and hundreds of medals across a variety of sports. Goalscape Software helps ambitious businesses, knowledge workers, coaches, teams, athletes and individuals to define, share and track their goals, develop flexible strategies, self-organize, activate powerful motivational mechanisms and team communication for sustained high performance and consistent goal achievement in work, sports and personal life. More information:

Goalscape Software GmbH
Marcus Baur
Esmarchstrasse 51
24105 Kiel
+49 (0)4315 – 560 7950

Goalscape Software GmbH
Arno Schambach
Esmarchstrasse 51
24105 Kiel
+49 (0)4315 – 560 7950

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