Workshops artistic nude and lingerie photography, in Tuscany

Professional photographer Daniel Bauer hosts interactive art nude and lingerie workshops in Tuscany, in May 2012. With days of exchange of know-how, group activities, three models to photograph and an „all inclusive“ stay in the Italian paradise.

Workshops artistic nude and lingerie photography, in Tuscany

photo workshops May 2012

Barcelona, February 2012. For those interested in artistic nude and lingerie photography, and also for professionals, Swiss photographer Daniel Bauer has created three different types of photography workshops, suitable for all skill levels and about the topics in great demand: nude and lingerie. This time with Yana Bauer as co-organizer and main model. With shootings on most beautiful locations in Tuscany and with group activities to create a meeting place for lovers of art photography.

The idea of Interactive Workshops arose from his knowledge of conventional workshops offered continuously, in which the participants just click their camera for 4 or 5 hours without really learning anything about techniques, light and composition. The workshops end up beeing just a simple shooting with some naked girls without any variety in expression or pose and without the possibility that participants can achieve good results or get some new know-how.

According to bis experience, Bauer has created three workshops in which the participants can learn to form a clear basis for taking their photos, in idyllic locations of Tuscany, with three beautiful models prepared exclusively for achieving the wanted shots and to meet the objectives of the workshops. This time he also offers a stay in a quiet and appropriate place for the participants to empathize with photography, art and nature with activities to share the passion for photography and enjoy the pleasures of this part of Italy.

In order to take advantage of the ideal temperatures in spring to take photos outdoors and not to overstress the time that participants may have in the month of May, for each workshop it“s only necessary to have three nights with two days of intensive photography and various activities. In a place with easy access from major airports in Italy. The first workshop is aimed to lingerie photography, the second to artistic nude, also suitable for amateurs, and the third workshop addresses to adcanced and profesional photographers who want to let flow their artistic, creative skills in nude and lingerie photography and during a night shooting.

Daniel Bauer already opens the registration to the workshops of May 2012 so that participants can reserve the dates on their agendas and encourage themselves to live this experience. For more information see < a href="" title="Art nude and lingerie workshops">,“ rel=“nofollow“>, where you“ll find the detailed program, sample location photos and everything you need to be sure that this workshop is designed exactly for you.

Daniel Bauer is a man with a passionate love for photography of the female nude. Professional photographer with 30 years of experience. He currently lives and works in Barcelona (Spain), Basel (Switzerland) and traveling. A pioneer in the field of nude photography, one of the first who dared to offer erotic nudes in public as a service for private clients who wanted to immortalize theirfemale beauty in the nude. A revolutionary offering in Switzerland of the 80s.

As a photographer and artist, he felt the need to share his varied experiences with others and therefore organized numerous workshops. But now, with these first interactive workshops, the Swiss decided to re-trigger a small revolution and revamp the traditional format of common photo workshops. He created a new forum for learning, both in theory and practice, in which photographers and amateurs from all over the world can to express themselves photographically, share their knowledge and meet like-minded people, to again discover the essence of the authentic art of artistic nude photography.

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