DENSO and the modern check-in: Advantages of the digitization at airports and events

The digital transformation impacts all processes. DENSO WAVE EUROPE explains the advantages of implementing scanners and QR Codes at events and airports.

Düsseldorf, Germany. The digitization is expanding internationally. Thus, the travel and event industries are impacted by the digital transformation. Especially at hectic places such as airports and event venues, processes have to be modernized in order to enhance both the customer benefit and efficiency.

DENSO WAVE EUROPE, member of the Toyota Group, explains which concepts play a major role in the digitization and modernization of airports and events. It is this time of the year, when summer break has begun, people are ready to travel to their vacation destinations, and summer invites everyone to attend open air events. Among other devices, the BHT-M series from DENSO can be used at events. The mobile computers BHT-M60, BHT-M70 and BHT-M80 will soon be equipped with Android 13. Further information about the auto-ID solutions, mobile computers, RFID devices, and innovative QR Code models can be found on the DENSO WAVE EUROPE website.

Finally travelling and events again – with QR Codes and scanners

Due to the Corona pandemic, the QR Code has gained new momentum and it is being used more frequently at numerous locations, also at events and airports. Masahiro Hara developed the QR Code back in 1994 with DENSO’s Applied Engineering Department as an easy-to-read code. More information about the latest QR Code models from DENSO is available here.

The QR Code contributes to the fact that processes typically executed by humans can now be automated. Some examples are the check-in at airports, as well as, the registration, guest management, and admission control at events.

Additionally, the mobile data collection devices from DENSO are essential for the travel and event industries. For instance, DENSO’s QK-30 scanner simplifies processes and eases the workload of employees at airports and events. Furthermore, the mobile computers of the BHT-M series are also ideal companions at events.

Scanners and QR Codes are an airport employee’s best friends

The challenges during the pandemic have made it very clear that airport operators need to focus on more aspects than just cost reduction in order to sustain business. Airports need more flexibility, efficiency – and the digitization. And that is exactly where the auto-ID solutions and mobile data collection devices from DENSO come into play.

At Birmingham Airport, the QK-30 scanner from DENSO is implemented. With the scanner, boarding passes are read, which makes processes at the security gates smoother and safer. DENSO’s stationary UR40 RFID device is also suitable for airport operations. The RFID scanner can read up to 700 RFID tags per second. Moreover, the reading range can be configured according to individual requirements at the airport. To do so, expansion antennas can quickly and easily be connected to the RFID scanner.

In addition to the scanners, airport operators can also use DENSO’s QR Code based face recognition at access points or for verification wherever processes are security-sensitive, e. g. in secured areas where only employees are granted access.

Numerous advantages also for events

DENSO’s auto-ID solutions and mobile data collection devices also offer clear advantages at events, which can be organized more freely and in larger numbers again this summer. The Secure QR Code (SQRC®) from DENSO is the secure version of the regular QR Code and is often used for ticket authentications. While common mobile computers are able read the public data on the SQRC®, only DENSO’s data collection devices can read the encrypted data with the respective encryption key. However, DENSO’s cloud-based Q-Revo system can enable other mobile data collection devices, such as smart phones, to do the encryption.

At events, the BHT-M series from DENSO – equipped with Android 13 from autumn 2023 – also facilitates processes. The mobile computers of the BHT-M series are equipped with the most powerful scan engine on the market to date. The BHT-M60, BHT-M70, and BHT-M80 all deliver peak performance – even when processes are running simultaneously. Hence, employees are able to do registrations, check guest numbers, and manage admission controls without unnecessary interruptions.

Digitization is essential for event and travel industries

Die digital transformation has been enhanced in the event and travel industries due to the pandemic. So much so that it has become a key factor in both areas. All processes are influenced by digital innovations – from internal planning to external execution processes.

With DENSO WAVE EUROPE and their mobile computers, scanners, QR Code models, and auto-ID solutions, the digital innovations themselves become an event and a journey to a secure, uncomplicated, and solution-oriented future.

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