Horse Nuggets – A Sweet Revenge Gift, Anonymus and Ingenious

A Deep Human Want that needs an Outlet – Horse Droppings as a Vengeance

Horse Nuggets - A Sweet Revenge Gift, Anonymus and Ingenious

Sweet Revenge

There must be revenge, in order to regain emotional mental balance.
The main reason to take revenge turns around sex or rather deception in a relationship. One of the partners went off, usually with someone else. Infidelity, having a bit on the side, are the most common cases.
It is often women who are hurt and whose mind turns endlessly around taking vengence and useful ideas to achieve this. In doing so they picture themselves a number of infantile solutions, which are litigable, as damage to property and libel. Many glean their ideas from the internet, whicht is full of absurd proposions:
Bunging up the exhaust pipe, sealing the door lock with glue, water the carpet and sow clover seeds, spread wong rumours, take out wrong adverts, order some merchandise and similar nonsense.
Since the need for taking revence cannot be denied, there must be a solution, which keeps the mind at rest and does no real harm to the other party.
Here it is:
Horse nuggets in different quantities and packages.
Dispach is fast and completely anonymous, without any hint to the sender. Payment is easy through Paypal for example. The shopper may even get a photo of the revenge gift.

The revenge gift is available from:

Distribution of an amusing Revenge Gift.
Amüsantes Rachegeschenk für moderne Menschen zu allen Gelegenheiten.

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