Intelligent networks for charging stations: INSYS icom solutions for connecting e-mobility applications

Intelligent networks for charging stations: INSYS icom solutions for connecting e-mobility applications

INSYS icom’s industrial routers enable users to establish networks and communicate with charging stations

Electric vehicles require a well-developed charging infrastructure. In addition to a high-performance power connection, such charging stations also need reliable, robust charging control units.
Moreover, operators as well as service and billing providers rely on mature M2M solutions which are used to network and centrally control remote or local charging stations for remote maintenance, failure reports, and the transfer of billing information to control centers.
Remote troubleshooting and remote configuration are key competitive factors especially in widely distributed stations, since they minimize personnel costs and maximize the availability of the charging stations. “INSYS icom provides suitable solutions for such applications”, explains Senior Executive President Anna Wels. “Our SGM PilotBox is a versatile charging control unit for cost-efficient wall boxes in private garages and for networked charging station sys-tems in multi-storey car parks.” (More information available at

Besides connecting the devices to service and support provid-ers, industrial routers from INSYS MoRoS series provide an added value.
Developed in-house by INSYS icom, the compact units combine a modem, router and a 4+1-port switch. They can communicate via mobile radio (GPRS/HSPA), landline networks or ISDN lines. All industrial routers feature a Linux sandbox and can be freely programmed for custom-tailored applications. Equipped with a storage, they replace external data loggers and small industrial PCs for data processing in the field. Customers can therefore usually recoup their investment within a few years through energy savings alone. E-mobility providers can use the routers to store data about rates, make changes via FTP upload, and transfer consumption data to clearing centers or smartphones. Alarms can be sent via email or text message to any recipient.
If customers do not wish to develop their own applications, they can commission INSYS icom’s experts or a competent company from the Certified Partner Program.

Founded in 1992, INSYS icom is a well-established technology partner for standardised products and individual solutions in industrial data communication and M2M technology. The company’s product portfolio ranges from simple serial modems to integrated mobile radio routers. Customers from various industry sectors, such as electric vehicle charging, energy, traffic engineering, me-chanical engineering, industrial plant construction and the public sector use INSYS icom’s durable solutions for various applications such as remote access, alarm messages and monitoring processes, and the efficient secure integration of systems. INSYS icom products are available in all types of data transfer technology with a wide range of features as DIN rail versions, in 19″ racks, as tabletop units and as board versions for easy integration. For many products, customers can use a freely available LINUX Sandbox to program their own applications, and use preset demo images for easy adaptation. INSYS icom’s technical support team helps customers find solutions to individual requirements and works in close cooperation with the development department regarding customer inquiries for new developments in the areas of hardware, applications or technology, thereby enabling clients to act quickly and efficiently.

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