When the display wears the 3D glasses (and not the user)

Glasses-free 3D technology “made in Germany” inside new 3D Panel for Sony Vaio S Notebooks

At IFA in Berlin, the global trade show for consumer electronics from September 2nd to 7th, Sony presents the new 3D Panel as an accessory for new models Sony Vaio S notebooks. The easy-to-handle 3D Panel turns the notebook into a 3D display for watching 3D Blu-ray movies, viewing 3D photos and playing 3D games – without special glasses. This product is based on the unique glasses-free 3D technology of German company SeeFront.

Christoph Grossmann (57), CEO of SeeFront: “As a highly innovative company Sony is aware of the fact that consumers are waiting for 3D solutions without glasses. The completely new product designed in the collaboration between Sony and SeeFront makes a compelling 3D experience affordable, easy and available anywhere. The platform technology for this has been developed and licensed by SeeFront.”

SeeFront 3D Technology
The patented SeeFront 3D technology allows the user to view 3D content without special 3D glasses. An integrated eye-tracking system detects the user”s position and transmits it to the 3D engine. This engine combines the images for the left and right eye in a special way and in real time. The SeeFront 3D panel in front of the display generates a brilliant, compelling 3D impression. As the 3D image is continuously adjusted according to the user”s position, the user enjoys freedom of movement. The SeeFront 3D technology is perfect for entertainment or professional use by a single viewer with a mobile device, a laptop computer or a desktop monitor.

SeeFront GmbH was founded in 2006 by German engineer and architect Christoph Grossmann. The company located in the heart of the city of Hamburg has five employees. SeeFront develops and licenses a unique technology for glasses-free 3D that has been presented internationally at various trade fairs and conferences. Among SeeFront”s customers are renowned companies from automotive, medical and entertainment branches.
More information: www.seefront.com

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